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An online chronicle of the family of Zachariah Dutton, a Maryland Revolutionary patriot who migrated to North Carolina, whose descendants spread throughout the Carolinas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma, and who now cover the entire globe.

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Family Data

Descendants of Zachariah Dutton
A Brief Overview of the First Four Generations of the Family of Zachariah Dutton (ca. 1750–1829)
Full Index
Every name in this database.
Partial Indices
The full index, split into a few smaller parts.
Surname Index
A listing of surnames, cross-linked into the Full Index.
Alternate Surname Index
A listing of surnames, cross-linked into the Partial Indices.

DNA Genealogy

Updated! Zachariah Dutton DNA Project
Founded August 2007, the Zachariah Dutton DNA Project aims to shed more light on Zachariah Dutton's heritage, to find ancestral connections with other families, and to verify our relationship with families we know.

Genealogical Resources and Tools