Samuel D. Edmond Dutton and Matilda C. Norwood

Samuel D. Edmond Dutton

  • Son of Stephen Dutton and Sarah O’Briant.
  • Born ca. 1831 in Granville County, North Carolina.
  • Died 4 Nov 1897 in New Decatur, Morgan County, Alabama.
  • Married 21 Oct 1858 in Lawrence County, Alabama.

Matilda C. Norwood


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    1. Great! Pleased to meet you! Did you know this connection for James A.?

      To tell the truth, I don’t have documentation that he was adopted or that his original name was Yocum. Somebody told me this years ago and I will have to dig to find the reference. Does he have any direct male-line descendants living? I would be curious to see what their Y-DNA showed.

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