The Dutton Book

I am now accepting pre-orders for my new Dutton book, entitled Stories from the Old House: William Dutton of Morgan County, Alabama, and His Descendants. The book is a genealogical chronicle of the life of William Dutton (c.1777-c.1855), an early country doctor who settled in the Basham’s Gap community of Morgan County in 1832. The book includes an introduction to the Dutton family, its origins in Cheshire, England, and our own Dutton family’s advent in Charles County in Southern Maryland. William Dutton’s father, Zachariah Dutton, served in the Maryland Militia during the Revolutionary War and later migrated to Granville County, North Carolina.

The book covers William Dutton’s family and all his descendants, as well as a number of related families: Hogan, Sparks, Pell, Otwell, Hunter, Flowers, Wilhite, McDonald, Staples, Johnson, Minor and Wright.

The book will be published in a handsome, 550-page heirloom hardcover, and I hope to ship it around the beginning of November. I also plan to publish an e-book edition at a smaller cost.

You may pre-order below using my e-commerce options. If you wish to pre-order by check, send me an email at Prices are subject to increase.