Dutton book available for pre-order

I am pleased to announce that my Dutton book, entitled Stories from the Old House: William Dutton (c.1777-c.1855) of Morgan County, Alabama, and His Descendants, is now available for pre-sale. It features an introduction to the family of Zachariah Dutton, his ancestors in Cheshire, England, and Charles County, Maryland, and then goes on to focus on the family of my ancestor William Dutton, Zachariah’s son. It includes highlights of a number of other North Alabama families, including Hogan, Sparks, Pell, Otwell, McDonald, Staples, Wilhite, Johnson, Minor and Wright. The pre-order price if $59.95. I hope to have the book in your hands by Christmas. At a later date, I will also release the book as an e-book. Order yours today! https://www.zdutton.org/book.

book title page

Lorene Dutton Bryant celebrates 100th

This month, my dear great-aunt Lorene Dutton Bryant celebrates her one hundredth birthday. Over the years she’s been a cherished aunt and friend and a great help in the family history through stories and pictures and DNA. Let’s celebrate with her! This story is written by Lorene’s niece Dana Lamb.

Lorene Dutton Bryant.
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The State of the Dutton 2017

(Or, “Make Zachariah Dutton Great Again!”)

Part I: A Personal Appeal

My dear cousins,

I’m writing this update as an overview of the state of research into Zachariah Dutton, his ancestors, and his descendants. As you may know, I’ve been in school for a long, long time. I finished two degrees in history, and then faced with a poor job market, decided to do another degree in computer science. School has been dominating my attention for the past several years, so I’m sad to say, I’ve fallen out of touch with a lot of you and let my Dutton research fall by the wayside. Speaking for myself, the State of the Dutton has been kind of meager.

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The New Zachariah Dutton Genealogy Web

Welcome to the new, improved Zachariah Dutton Genealogy Web.

I’ve had it in my head for a long time to rebuild and polish up the old website, but until I graduated with my latest degree in December 2016, I didn’t have the time. Now, I’m transported the site to WordPress, where it is much shinier and should be much easier to keep maintained.

Old site
So long, old friend. It’s been a good ride.

I’ve retained most of the useful content, including some that is old and dated, for the sake of nostalgia. I did start this when I was a teenager, and that’s kind of neat. A few pages whose content was too dated, too problematic, or too embarrassing, I will let fade into Internet obscurity. If anybody should be interested in the old website, it exists forever in the memory of the Internet Archive.

I hope to add a lot more, to share a lot more, and to meet a lot more people.