Friendship Cemetery Sections

The sections I describe in my cemetery enumeration are my own definitions, and may not always be completely clear looking at the cemetery. I hope, once they are understood, that they will be useful in locating graves.

Friendship sections
Friendship sections

New West Section – Yellow
North Section – Cyan
Hillside Section – Green
Old Middle Section – Violet
Old Southeast Section – Indigo

New West Section

The section west of the road, containing only modern granite headstones and graves placed since 1960. Eastern border is ridge, extended north; northern border is line extending east from end of white stone wall.

North Section

Directly across road from church to the east. Northestmost part of section stands on ridge, with steps leading up. Land slopes gradually down to south to meet Hillside Section. Section continues back to east. Third oldest section of the cemetery, with graves ranging from 1870s to 1950s, with occasional burials today.

Hunter and Templeton Plots

Two distinct burial plots surrounded by stone borders, at southern end of North Section.

Hillside Section

Occupies narrow swath on side of ridge. Begins at north where the ridge becomes high enough not to be able to walk up it; I draw the line delimiting the Hillside Section from the North Section from the eastern edge of the Hunter Plot. The first burials here took place in the 1910s. I include several burials in this section as part of the Southest Section, based on dating and other characteristics.

Old Middle Section

Begins at north where North Section gives way to uneven rows on older markers, and continues to south until it reaches long gaps. The eastern edge of the Hunter Plot draws a line that roughly delimits the North Section from the Middle Section. At its western end, the Middle Section encompasses several regular rows of sandstone markers; at its eastern end, the Middle Section includes several rows of graves making up a plot, of the Howell and McDonald families, beneath a grove of ancient cedar trees. The first rows of what is considered the Middle Section include the few graves that fall between the Hunter and Templeton plots. Graves dated the 1850s to the 1890s.

Old Southeast Section

Oldest section of the cemetery, with marked graves dating from 1831 to the 1860s. Occupies topmost of hill that begins with the ridge in the lower part of the cemetery. Western edge is roughly the county line; extends to the edge of the church’s property to east. I believe this section to have been completely filled up, at least to the satisfaction of the nineteeth-century church. The cemetery then moved north.