ZDUTTON – Instructions and Guidelines

From: Richardson <richardson-decatur-al@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: ZDUTTON – Instructions and Guidelines
Date: 1998-06-26 06:11:28

Wow, I got a lot of positive feedback on the idea of the ZDUTTON list. I
think I've heard from all of you that I mailed out to except two, Julie and
Kaye, who are both very busy. If either of you don't want on, just drop me
something short, but for now, it looks like you're on for the ride.

So, I guess this is it--the beginning. I've been thinking of ways we could
work this. For now, it looks like the best way is to create just a
"universal recipient list" that each of us has a copy of. Every time we
want to send something to the list, we place this list of addresses on the
"To" line, and everyone will get it. Margaret has already got this figured
out. :-) Some of you were asking for instructions, though, so I'll help you


1. Most popular e-mail programs have a feature which allows you to create
what is called a "Recipient List", "Mailing List", "Mailing Group", or
something similar. Some programs allow a way to "alias" the group--which
allows you to type just the group name in the "To" line of the e-mail, and
the program will mail out to everyone in the group automatically. This
function is usually accessible through the "Address Book" of your program.
Your program more than likely has something like this, so if you can't
figure it out, just let me know.

2. There are 15 of us on the list at the moment. Everyone needs to add each
e-mail address to the "Mailing List" in your program, and then you'll be
ready to go. It should be possibly just to "Copy" the "To" list from this
e-mail you're receiving now and "Paste" it into the "Mailing List" in your
"Address Book".  If this doesn't work, just enter the names manually.

3. If all else fails, there are two things you can do to send to the list:
(1) "Copy" the "To" list from this e-mail, or any other e-mail you receive,
and "Paste" it into the "To" line of the e-mail you want to send; or (2)
just send the e-mail to me, with something in the subject like "Please FWD
TO ZDUTTON" and I can just send it on to everybody else.

Whew! I hope that was simple enough! If you still have problems, just drop
me a note, and I'll do my best to help you.

Let me state some general guidelines for the list, just to get things
going. I've never tried to do this before, so bear with me:


1. "ZDUTTON" should be included at the beginning of the subject line of all

2. JOINING THE LIST: if you meet someone who wants on the list, simply give
them a copy of the mailing list and have them send a post to the list
saying that they want to join. It would be good to include "JOIN" on the
Subject line. When you receive a "JOIN" message, everyone would have to
manually add the new address to the list (e.g. "ZDUTTON JOIN")

3. LEAVING THE LIST: do you the same thing as if you were joining, except
include "EXIT" or "UNSUBSCRIBE" on the Subject line. Again, everyone would
have to manually remove the names from the list. If you try to unsubscribe,
and after a few days, you're still receiving e-mail from one or more
members, you need to e-mail them personally and request that they remove
you from their list.

4. This "early stage" mailing list will only work if there is a relative
few of us on the list. If it gets too large and hectic, we may have to
upgrade to something else, but for now, this should suit us just fine.

5. No large attachments mailed to the list, please. If you have something
to send, such as a GEDCOM, text file, or scanned photograph, please send it
to members that request it individually.

6. Remember that when you post something to the list, everyone will be
reading it.

7. WE ARE A FAMILY. We need to be civil and courteous. I would love for
this group to be become much more than just a "research group"--perhaps a
"support group" or maybe even a "prayer chain" in times of need. However,
please don't flood the list with too much personal chatter. Let's remember
what we're here for.

Anybody else have any suggestions? I'm still new to this, so I may have
overlooked something. 

At least starting out, I guess I will be the "moderator" of the group. I
don't know exactly what that means, but if I see anything that needs
moderating, I'm sure I'll think of something. :)

Janice has a good idea for the "opening comments" of the group. Why don't
each of us begin by introducing ourselves and explaining our connection (or
association) to Zachariah Dutton.


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