Zachariah D. and Judith Parish

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Subject: Zachariah D. and Judith Parish
Date: 1998-07-25 01:39:29
In a marriage record from Granville County, NC one of my cousins (not of 
the net group) sent Zachariah Dutton and Judith Parish married on 23 
November, 1797 or 1798.  She wrote 1797 one time and 1798 in another
place.  Anyone know which it is?  She also wrote that when this marriage
took place there was a marriage contract as Judith was a widow with 
children and property. They combined their properties, but at death, each of 
the children would get their own parent's property.  This sounds as if it 
were a second marriage for each.  Did Zachariah Dutton who married the
Penn lady, marry J. Parish later in life?  It does not seem too likely that 
his son, Zachariah would be in that type of situation only 23 years after 
his parents' marriage.  I don't yet have birth order for the Zach & Penn 
children, but even if he were oldest......

Have other questions about the interesting Alexander Dutton info that Cousins
Joe and James L. sent.  One had Alexander's marriage to Rachel on 30 June 
and another 30 Jan.  They are so similar one could be a typo.  Which?   Also
in Joseph's info, I was wondering what this action was as late as 1836
in which Columbus Dutton was an attorney.  And if all the children were born
by 1818, it seems strange that three were considered minors.  Louisa b.1810
would have been 26 years old and married. Did women have no legal standing
at that time so that husbands or parents represented them?  Still Rachel was
named as tutrix (never saw that word, is it the female form of tutor?)
The youngest could have been 18 and perhaps one of the others was 19-21. 
Guess 21 might be the legal age.  But Louisa as a minor must have some 
explanation.  Boy, she's full of questions tonight!  Maybe Alexander put 
his estate into some kind of trust that required the children to reach
 a certain age. . . or did the law have some kind of provison like than
	Glad to get all the good information.  I like hearing all the details about
all us Duttons.   Especially enjoyed the "Don't beat up my little brother" 
documents.                      Cousin Eula

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