Comanche – – YES!

From: <>
Subject: Comanche – – YES!
Date: 1998-07-25 16:21:56
Dear Janice, 
Know all about Comanche.  Lived in Meridian community between
Duncan and Comanche about 1962-64.  Oldest two children began
school at Meridian.  I was substitute teacher there and at Comanche
High School '63-64.  You remembered the facts in the case pretty 
well.  They couldn't get pallbearers for the Dad - no one would serve. 
Grandpa Luther sided with the children, but said he didn't realize
the abuse was that much. Been through all those little towns on
the cattle driving trail many times as we went from Comanche area to visit my
folks in Chickasha, on past Marlow to Chickasha.   My uncle, and later my dad,
had the Dutton Oil Companies (service station businesses) on 81 as you came
Chickasha.  Still have a cousin, Joyce Robert Dutton, that lives, I think,
on a Marlow rural route. . . a brother to the children's grandfather Luther.

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