Re: Zachariah D. and Judith Parish

From: <>
Subject: Re: Zachariah D. and Judith Parish
Date: 1998-07-25 20:40:47
>>>>>>This is the information that I have in regard to Zachariah Dutton's
marriage to Judith Parrish.  They were married on Nov 23, 1799.  This
information was gleaned from records on file in Granville Co. N.C. with I
visited a few years back.  She was the widow of Clayborne Parrish and had
three sons.  A Woody (prob  Woodrow), Humphry, and Joseph.  I'll check about
the marriage date of Alexander and get back to you.


If Zachariah was the father of our Samuel Sneed Dutton who married Elizabeth
"Betsy" Threadgill, and Samuel was born in 1797, then was Judith his second

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