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Date: 1998-07-25 21:42:17
I am in Comanche Ok.  Find Rush Springs on the map and follow Hwy 81 South.
 Hwy 81 is the old Chisolm Trail.  There is a community about every 8-10
miles, as that is about how far they could move the herds in a day. Rush
Springs- Marlow (named for the infamous Marlow Brothers Ranch- built their
herd by stealing from the cattle drivers)- then Duncan (county seat 20,000
souls) then Comanche - oldest community in the area.  It seems the tragedy
in Rush Springs was only a few years ago - but as I said - apparently
before I found my "Dutton connection."  I knew people who knew the family
1st hand at the time - but can't remember who exactly now - just seems
everyone in the area agreed their Father deserved what he got. As I recall,
they shot Dad as he slept for molesting their little sister. Younger boy
held the barrell of the rifle steady, older pulled the trigger - neither
was old enough to hold the heavy weapon alone. Even their grandfather (who
lived next door) stated he wasn't surprised - the children were abused etc
- declared he didn't intervene much because he feared his son. School
teachers, neighbors, etc stated Child Protective Services had been notified
repeatedly - these kids fell through the cracks.  Mom had to be located in
another state - had abandoned family years before. 

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> Subject: WOW! ALL THAT INFO!
> Date: Thursday, July 23, 1998 12:24 AM
> Dear Group:  This is like a daily newletter.  Love it!   Need to schedule
> e-mail slot in my schedule. . .
> Cousin Joe:  Would dearly love a copy of any photos of the sons of
> Are you able to send those over the net?  How do I go about receiving
> Cousins Woody and Judy:  Many thanks for solving my mystery of why my
> e-mail was being returned.  Never thought to check that angle.  Also
thanks to
> Woody and Betty for explaining about the arrows, etc.  Have lots to
learn, but
> every lesson helps.  Also Judy: enjoyed the poem.  Sending copies to two
of my
> family-history-minded cousins.
> Cousin Margaret Ann:  You're not the oldest.  As of Sept. 12, I will be
> It is humbling to realize that my mother passed away at 62.  The only
> that are more surprising to me than my own are those of my three
> Two already over the hill (40).  Glad to have know there is a fellow
> out there.
> Cousin Janice:  Where from Rush Springs do you live?  I lived in
> from 9th grade until end of 2nd year of college.  My Dad lived in Verden
> (near Chickasha).  Not sure what year the Rush Springs tragedy happened. 
> older boy who was about 13-14 at the time it happened was written up in
> newspaper that I saw (think it was in Columbus, OH) when he had his 18th
> birthday, and that was year or more ago.  Of course, the death date is in
> family file, but it is late and won't sign off to look it up now.
> Everyone:  On the History Channel on TV about a year or so ago, my
> said there was a program on mansions and the Civil War or some such and
> there was a William Dutton Mansion that was discussed.  He remembered it
> being in Georgia.  Anyone know about that?  Also just the other night on
> Channel (where he spends lots of time), while watching a program about
> ranches in Wyoming or Montana the statement was made that one of the big
> ranchers had married the beautiful and  charming Eula Dutton.  He swears
> is what they said.  Here I thought that first and last name combination
> probably unique!
> One of the little tidbits of interesting information sent by Zachariah
> (Jarratt's son)'s ggdau:  "By April 15th, 1864, my great-grandfather had
> and was buried in Covington.  He had $20.00 of Confederate money on his
> when he passed away.  This money was later sent to his widow and stayed
in the
> family's possession for years.  It is said that Zachariah on leave to
> home one time after he enlisted in the Infantry (Co. L. 28 AL Infantry,
> When he was ready to return to duty, his 3-year-old son, Simeon, cried
> begged to go with him.  Zachariah sat beside the road, took out his knife
> cut a button off his uniform and gave it to Simeon to persuade him to go
> to the house and not cry.  That was the last time the family ever saw
> Zachariah."

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