Z Dutton – Acceptance of Dutton cousins invitation

From: Bill Brown <bbrown31@bellsouth.net>
Subject: Z Dutton – Acceptance of Dutton cousins invitation
Date: 1998-07-25 22:02:59
I accept your invitation to join the Dutton gang. Already I'm acquainted
with Myra Borden and Kay Shirah, both descendants of Stephen.

Concerning Solomon P Dutton's middle name, I question the name "Peter,"
but mother always used Peter as his middle name. I have never seen a reference
to Stephen's son, Solomon P Dutton, as using a middle name. Perhaps my
Stephen cousins can help.

I'm glad to receive your information about the grave of S.P. Dutton's
second wife. The Norwood Bible lists her as:

Sarah M. Norwood
Born Sept. 10, 1871
Married S.P. Dutton 17 Dec. 1889
Died Jan. 8, 1899

Sarah and Solomon P had one daughter, Viola, who graduated from
Ensley High School (Birmingham area) and returned to Decatur to teach school.

The Norwoods were subject to respiratory disease, which I assume
was TB. Family tradition suggests that Sarah Norwood Dutton was ill for
several years before dying from TB. At least one of her brothers, a nephew
and two nieces all died from this disease.

Viola Dutton died from complications associated with child birth,
but my mother suspected that she might also have TB. She was not able to
nurse her child Russell Speake Jr., who did not survive.

Several years ago (1984) I contacted Darlene Cole of Orangvale,
CA, who did research on Jarrad Dutton back to Z Dutton. She indicated to
me that she was no longer researching the Duttons and sent to me copies
of some of her files. Her address is 6943 Walnut Ave., Orangevale, Ca.
95662. She has some speculations about Notley and Zachariah Dutton in Maryland.

One of our cousins referred to some Duttons in Gwinnett County,
Ga. My mother, Lurline Dutton Brown, who died in May of this year and who
lived in Gwinnett County told me of some Dutton acquaintances. I will be
glad to look up info on the Gwinnett County Duttons, since I'm in the process
of selling my mothers home there. I live in Hephzibah, Georgia which is
in the Augusta area, but will be visiting Lawrenceville, the county seat
of Gwinnett County. If any of you have any requests for particular information,
please contact me.

Our Solomon P Dutton reunion will be held October 3, 1998 at Walkers
Chapel (Birmingham vicinity), Alabama. We invite all Duttons to attend.

I am trying to make some plans to visit the Decatur - Moulton area
in August. I hope to meet some of you.

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