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Subject: Re: ZDUTTON
Date: 1998-07-25 22:15:23
The Duttons were so prolific, I think they ran out of names.  I guess we
better be glad they didn't resort to "Daughter #1" or Son A, Son B. etc

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> Subject: Re: ZDUTTON
> Date: Saturday, July 25, 1998 12:09 AM
> Dear Artie:  The B. in my Samuel B.'s name stands for nothing.  It is
just a
> B.  That is what he told his children.  He has a son named Herman B. and
> granddaughter Alfa B. both named after that initial.  I asked the
> of Sam B.'s oldest brother,  Elijah I. what the I. stood for.  She said
> also was just an initial, that it was thought in the family that everyone
> did not have a middle name should have an initial for identifying them
> other Duttons that might have the same first name.  With all the Duttons
> our files,  I think an uncommon middle name might be more identifying. 
> B.'s other siblings were Reuben W. (thought to be for  William after his
> father), Louis Tilman, W. Robert, S. Lucinda (no one knows what the S. is
> for), David Anders or Andrew (still checking out which one)and John
> So some of them did have middle names.  Their father William has the
> D. in only one place that anyone has found to my knowledge and that is on
> one of his Civil War documents.  Wish I knew what the D. was
for...perhaps for
> David since he named a son that, but that is pure speculation.
> Cousin Eula

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