Z DUTTON-Test Send

From: <Dokn@aol.com>
Subject: Z DUTTON-Test Send
Date: 1998-06-28 21:46:59
Hi Cousins

I am so excited about our Dutton Group.  I belong to a Broach group and we
have had a lot of fun and have garnered some really neat information. We
started with three and now have 30 permanents and a few drop ins.  So this is
really great  that we have started with 15.  We also had profile sheets, so we
could keep up with who is who and if we needed to snail mail  someone
information too large to send via internet.  We have a couple who actually
send out BD and holiday cards.  Most of us either forget or don't have time,
but they enjoy it and we enjoy it.

I have cut and pasted my profile sheet from there and changed the names to
protect the innocent...grin.. nah just changed to my Dutton line and will send
it if this first send works. The lady who heads up our Broach group does not
work away from home and in addition to her research travels she keeps the
group in tact.  One of the group has a daughter at Berkley and she set up our
server e-mail list and our Broach page.  She works on it mostly in the summer
when she is off.

 My Address Book would not let me copy and paste so I had to type in all the
names.  It would not accept all of the names under one title so I split it
into two and put the second one under CC.  Hope it works..

  Thank you Joseph for taking on this task.  It can become quite a challenge
when the traffic gets heavy.  Usually it is relatively quiet in the summer
with everyone on vacation though.  

A suggestion.  Go on and get a three ring binder and a floppy disk.  When the
info comes in print it off, put it in binder AND save it to your floppy disk
that you have marked "Dutton."  That way you will not clog up your files and
you will have the information handy when you are sending something to a single
individual.  I did not do that at first and had papers scattered everywhere.
I have papers scattered everywhere now for that matter, but my Broach file is
in a notebook.

My name is Judy Norwood Knight and I live in one of the hottest places in the
world right now....South Carolina.  The thermometer on my kitchen window
(which is in the shade of the patio roof )read 102 degrees today at 3:00.  I
have been outside trying to water all of my plants, but it is a chore. The
humidity is so high that in five minutes, I looked like I was watering myself,
so I finally did just that, hose in the air and it felt so good.....smile.

So glad to meet y'all and so glad to have another batch of newly found
cousins.  And thanks again Joseph.
Cousin Judy

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