ZDUTTON — Thanks for pictures — Chickasha — Dutton characteristics

From: <Wildwudy@aol.com>
Subject: ZDUTTON — Thanks for pictures — Chickasha — Dutton characteristics
Date: 1998-07-26 19:17:24
   Thank you very much for the headstone pictures you sent.  The quality of
the prints was outstanding.  I know how frustrating it is to try to match up
names with other names, especially when a lot of initials are involved.  When
we search the Woodworths it gets confusing because brothers name their sons
after their brothers instead of themselves.  Through diligent research and
people pooling their findings, (just like the Duttons are doing now) Woody can
trace his ancestor, Walter Woodworth, back to 1635.  Woody and I plan to make
a pilgrimage in the future to the cemetery there in Alabama.  I hope we can
make arrangements to meet you then.
To Eula:  My mother's family (McGrew) was from Chickasha.  As a matter of fact
one of them had a service station and motel (actually it was called a motor
court back in those days) on the east side of town.  I fear it also doubled as
a front for the real family business of bootlegging.  I'm proud to say the
family is no longer in that line of work.
To Cousins:  Just curious to see if any of the following characteristics from
my Texas/Oklahoma Duttons are repeated in the rest of the clan,  Dark brown
eyes, very dark hair without much gray in it even after most other people's
hair has turned gray, quiet, and above all a strong religious background.  My
Duttons back for four generations were all members of the Church of Christ.  I
guess I am the black sheep of the family because I'm Southern Baptist.  Well
actually I'm also not very quiet, my hair has more gray than I'll ever let
show (thanks to the beauty shop) and my eyes are cesspool green--Guess I took
more after Mom's side of the family.
	I guess that is enough of my meandering.  If any of you all are out this way
just let us know.  We have a guest room and would be pleased to accommodate
family.  We're a great stopover if you are headed east or west.

Esp for the new members:   And one more thing -- we've been saving all of the
group memos and pasting them into a single file.  By eliminating computer
gibberish, carriage returns, some quote duplications, repeat address headers,
and putting it in small 10 CPI print, we've gotten the file down to only 82
pages.  Quotes were put in italics.  If anyone wants a copy by e-mail
attachment or snail mail, let me know.  Also let me know what word processor
you have and maybe I can convert it to something compatible without losing the
italics, font size, and tabs.     

										Betty and Woody

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