Re: ZDUTTON —–GA census info from yesterday and new Dutton member!

From: Harold Gunn <>
Subject: Re: ZDUTTON —–GA census info from yesterday and new Dutton member!
Date: 1998-07-26 21:34:28
I'm still trying to figure out how to join your list, but hello, anyhow!

I am a gg-grandson of Wiley Dutton, b. 1808, a g-grandson of his son, John
Westerfield Dutton, b. 1862, and the grandson of John's oldest daughter, Roxie
Viola Dutton Gunn, b. 1890. I heard "Indian stories" all my young life from my
grandmother, who told us that she was one eighth Choctaw.

I became curious about the Duttons just a few weeks ago, when I ran across Artie
Valerius' query at the Broderbund site. I knew absolutely nothing about John
Westerfield's parents, siblings or other lineage before that. Since then, Artie
and Susie have helped me pull Wiley and his family together into a proveable

I still have many questions and will look forward to learning more from all of
you. I'll be happy to send files and pictures of John, Wiley and Roxie to any of
you that are interested. I use FTW, version 5.0, as my primary software.

I live in Cumberland County, New Jersey, a rural area near Philadelphia and the
Delaware Bay. I moved here from South Florida in 1968 with Coca-Cola. I'm the son
of a Baptist preacher, a much moved native of Missouri and a 61 year old grandpa
with three children. wrote:

> Everybody,
>      Did yuall get my 2 different reports that I sent on the GA census
> reports?  I have
> not heard from Susie and I am worried that I may not be sending things
> correctly.
> She was really anxious to get this info and it's not like her not to answer.
>       Also, there  is another Dutton cousin, Harold Gunn,
> that
> wants to join the group.  His Duttons are descendents from the Wiley J. Dutton
> family (mine,too) from Conway County, AR.  Please add his address to yours,
> please.  I will let him introduce himself to you.  Thanks.
> Artie


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