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Subject: Re: ZDUTTON — Thanks for pictures — Chickasha — Dutton characteristics
Date: 1998-07-27 01:12:52
Dear Betty and Woody:
Small world.  What years was your mother in Chickasha?
Our family was there from 1948 until the late 1960's, 
early 70's.  My Dad's station was ln South 81 near the 
intersection of Grand Avenue.  We lived on the corner of 
Grand and 14th St.  I have no sense of direction and don't
exactly know where east Chickasha is.  Did you ever go to
the Shannon Springs Park off Grand Ave.?  Did you know 
that they have a huge Christmas light display there now 
that attracts visitors and bus charters from all over?  I
saw it last year and was amazed.

Your mother's first name wasn't Eula by any chance?  When I
was in high school 1949-52, there was a town bootlegger
whose first name was Eula.. . .the only one anyone had ever
heard of as having this name - - the source of some teasing
you can bet.  Wouldn't it be a coincidence if this was the
"sort of " meeting of those two Eulas?  

Dad's station was Dutton Oil, an APCO distributorship the last
number of years.  Uncle George's Dutton's Oil Co. (station) was
there at least as early as the 1940's until he died in the early
1950's.  What was your family's station and motor court named?

So far as my Dutton family's physical characteristics, we have
many blue-eyed Duttons, including my dad, his father, my
Grandpa Sam and three of my siblings.  I have the same green
 eyes as you --referred to by myself as "hazel" and by my younger
"pesty" brothers as "cat eyes."  There are some brown eyes in 
the family and some very dark hair.  My hair is fairly dark and 
had very little grey until I turned 60.  It still looks dark, but 
has grey if you look very closely.  The Dutton men that were 
the brothers and father of my grandpa Sam were all described 
by their descendants as quiet.  The way the Walker Co. AL
 relatives put it, "The Dutton men didn't talk.  Any information
 you got came from their wives."  The Dutton men in my 
father's generation and somewhat in later generations were
fairly quiet, but the Dutton women were (and many are, probably
including myself) hard to keep from talking.  My Duttons are all
pretty religious, but almost all that I know about are Baptist, 
mostly Southern Baptist.  I have sort of strayed and joined 
the Christian Church in later years.  Some of the Walker Co. Duttons
must be Church of Christ as at least one is buried in that church's

All this about Dutton characteristics reminds me of a question I want
to ask.  Someone referred to Duttons being "Black Dutch".  I would
like to know exactly what that refers to.  My Dad used to say he was
part English, part Irish, and part Black Dutch.  Grandpa Sam's wife, Ellen 
was Irish of the red-haired and blue eyed variety, and from her we
have some red-haired and light haired members.  I have had one
explanation of the Black Dutch reference.  Like to see what you folks
know of that.

There is one family mystery I am trying to solve, but live too far from
AL to get any answers yet.  The only sister of my Grandpa Sam was
named S. Lucinda Dutton.  Like most of my cousins, I was totally unaware
that there had been a sister as we always heard about the Dutton Brothers.
Seems Lucinda was found to be with child and unmarried and as I got
the story "The old man (William, her father) ran her off".  My dad mentioned
her when I questioned him about birth order about 1990.  He said,
"There was one sister, but Aunt Lucinda went off to Birmingham and
didn't have anything to do with the family, so I don't know where she
came in the birth order. "  I heard the reason for her going off to 
Birmingham after my dad died and I got in touch with the AL cousins.
Seems in the families of her brothers, the wives all pretty much gave
their husbands to understand that if one of their girls had this problem
there would be no thought of doing likewise.  I'm sure my dad knew why
she "went off", but didn't want to say.  If he had depended upon his Dad
to tell him he wouldn't have known, but he visited with the AL cousins 
some when he was a young man and must have heard from the girls.

Anyway, the only thing anyone else in the family knows of her is that
she did have a son.  One of the cousins happened to meet him later in 
life and had planned to see him and visit, but before he could do so,
the cousin with the good intentions became ill and died.  The only 
thing anyone knows of the son is that Glenn (the well-intended one)
said "he was nice."  No one knows if she married the father of the
child, but it seemed to be common knowledge that the father was a 
Hamilton.  One of my cousins in Jasper's grandmother was a Hamilton
and she said there never was a marriage.  
	The only other thing that is known is that after she died, her
oldest surviving brother Elijah I. Dutton received a communication 
>from Elmwood Cemetery in Birmingham that her grave needed to be
moved because of some right of way and the cemetery wanted the family
to pay for the grave moving.  Elijah consulted with his other Jasper area
brothers, none of whom were were will to chip in to pay anything.
Elijah didn't reckon as to how he wanted to pay for the whole thing,
so his granddaughter thinks no money was sent.  I wrote Elmwood
asking them if there were a Lucinda, S.L. or S. Lucinda Dutton or 
Hamilton buried there.  They replied there was no one by the name
Lucinda Dutton buried there, so I guess that is the only name they were
willing to check. If anyone is researching Jefferson County records, 
you should find David A. Dutton's family at some point.  I don't know
exactly when he moved from Walker County.  If you see a middle
name help me determine if it were Anders or Andrew.  Seems to be
some family disagreement on that.  Also keep an eye out for any
census or marriage records of Lucinda.  If we had a married name, if
she did ever marry anyone, we could check other records.  That is the
one big blank in the family of William D. Dutton and Mariah Keeton in
my records.          Thanks,  Eula

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