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Subject: Re: ZDUTTON —–My Duttons
Date: 1998-07-27 10:38:09
     Thank you for responding and for you info.  The Duttons that you
pretty sure are Susie's.  They could also be mine, but as of now I am not
aware of that.  I think that my Duttons belong to Susie's Jeremiah/Daniel
Dutton group out
of the Greenville/Abbeville/96th District SC and NC area.  I can't find their
father's name because by time the 1850 census rolls around, he is already
dead.  His
children's names(that I am aware of----as there could be more) are Wiley J.,
Thomas Benton, Louise E., Rebecca, and Alisare(Sarah?).  They sound like
enough names, but there is some Indian  involvement as I was told by grandma
Dutton that they were 1/2 Cherokee.  Their offsprings names were Ephram,
James, Wiley J, Rebecca, Oscly, Mary, Clayton, Marion, Franklin, Sarah,
Silas Benton, Malitha Ann, Chesley, and William.  They broke away from the
and lived as whites.  The mother's name was Mary but don't know her maiden
She is dead after 1860 and her husband, unknown papa Dutton, was dead by
All the siblings and the parents were born in SC/NC border area.  They moved
around alot, ended up in DeKalb/Jackson County, AL, Franklin County, TN,
area, and Dade County, GA.  Some moved on to Conway County, AR, Lick Mountain
Township.  I think that they may have been in the Polk/Bradley County, TN
a while, also.  
     I know what Joe means when school starts.  I also am a teacher and have
only 3 weeks left, as we start here in IL the 20th of August.  I am trying to
get as much done as I can this summer.
     Thanks for all of your help.

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