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Date: 1998-06-28 21:55:46
Hi Cousins

Here is my profile.

                  JUDY NORWOOD KNIGHT

DUTTON Ancestor: SAMUEL SNEED DUTTON (son of Zachariah Dutton) 
Full Name:    Judy Ann Norwood Knight
Married:        Don
Address:       1610 Baywood Circle
                     Hartsville, SC  29550
Telephone:    803-332-0824      E-Mail:    Dokn@aol.com
Birthday:       June 24, 1947     (Private info for family only...grin)
Born:            Hartsville, Darlington County, South Carolina
Characteristics:  Dark Blond (starting to gray at temples), blue eyed, 5ft 4in
Denomination: Southern Baptist (I am the church Historian)
Occupation:    Customer Service (plastic bag industry)
Hobbies/interests:Writing, Genealogy, History, Camping, Reading, Gardening, 
                          Genetics, Photography, Star Trek and odd stories
Projects:         Writing Church History,  Genealogical Library-Hartsville,
                       Manager for our Chapter's Web Page 
                       Also a member of the Broach Pages:
Genealogy Society:   Old Darlington District Chapter of SCGS
Children:        Shandy Ellen Powell
     Father:     Lyde Byerly "Doc" Norwood  b. 6/16/25    d. 6/16/88
     Mother:     Mary Ellen Broach Norwood b.  12/25/28  d. 6/17/82
Siblings: 2 sisters, Gail and Lana    2 nieces, Megan and Tracy

Researching Surnames:   ANDREWS, BROACH, BYRD, DUTTON, KNOTTS,
                                       NORWOOD, THREADGILL, WILLIAMSON ( are a
                                  DUTTON  RESEARCH                    

My Mother:                     Mary Ellen Broach Norwood   b. 12/25/1928
d: June 17, 1982
                                      married: September 14, 1946
                                       Lyde Byerly Norwood b: June 16, 1925
June 16, 1988

Her Father:                     Marion Liston Broach, Sr.      b. 9/30/02 -
                                      County, SC
                                      d: April 25, 1985-Darlington County, SC 
                                      married: Jan. 24, 1925 -Darlington
County, SC                           
                                      marriage cert.)
Her  Mother:                   Myrtle Mae Dutton Broach b:Nov. 23, 1908
                                     County, SC (from my  mother)
                                      died: Aug. 7, 1962 -Darlington County,
SC from my                                                    

Her Father:                     Edward Ivy "Bud" Dutton b: Dec. 17, 1884 
                                       married: March 22, 1903 (Darlington
News and Press)
Her Mother:                     Annie Mae Andrews Dutton b: Nov. 26, 1886
died: Jan.                
                                      14, 1927(from grandaddy and death

His Father:                      Edward H. "Ed" Dutton b: 1843  died: 1919
(from family
                                       Bible that was owned by Miss Ruby
Dutton - copy
                                       on file at Darlington Historical
Commission) buried
                                       at Grove Hill Cem., Darlington,
Darlington City, S.C.
                                        (from grandaddy and ODDC Cem. survey
                                       married: December 26, 1867 - 
His Mother:                      Mary Francis Maynard (Manor?)b:     Stanley
                                       NC  died: June 21, ?    Darlington, SC

His Father:                      Samuel Sneed Dutton b: 1797 (from Ancestries
                                       Pedigrees, Screen 197092 of 725531 from
Artie 5-2-96)
                                        died: NC ADM May 1857 Anson County,
                                        Record No: 674-485)and (book-
His Mother:                      Elizabeth "Betsy" Threadgill b: 1806 (UA
Record No:674-                           

His Father:                       Zachariah Dutton (from Joseph - Will of

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