From: <MAKinsley@aol.com>
Subject: ZDuttons
Date: 1998-07-27 11:15:06
Cousins: Wow, I can see what Joseph is talking about. I was off for the week-
end as teen angel's (granddaughters) were here and they controlled the
computer. I check mail this morning and had 26 e-mails all on Duttons. 

To the one who was talking about Southern Baptist. I  am a Southern
Baptist. I
too have green eyes and brown hair with gray just in back since age of 19.
My parents lived in Chickasaw (Indian Territory Oklahoma) early 1900's. My
father was born in Indian Territory. My husband, Laddie, who you may have
guess by the name is Irish, said he thought I looked like some of the Duttons
from the picture Judy sent me (thanks again Judy). Now, I know from where I
came. If we change on the computer, remember I am a computer dumb-dumb. So I
will have to be educated on how to do all of this. Remember too I am a Texas
Dutton and we are slow at some things, but fast at others. Grin Smile.

Joe, good luck at school. Know what you are going through as my daughter,
April, is going to college and working too. Soon we will have another teacher
to our family when she gets her degree. 

By the way, I'm only 5'3" is there any other Duttons who are short?

Cousin Margaret

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