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Subject: Re: ZDUTTON -archives data
Date: 1998-07-27 12:42:50
Dutton cousins,
     Am ready to send more info that I got from the archives and other
libraries I
stopped in when on vacation from SC and GA.
From MARYLAND MARRIAGES-----1634-1777 by Robert Barner, 1976:
     Dutton, David, 17 Sept., 1766----Bethui (sic) Bibbons 1 WI-88 Wicomico
     by Stepney Parish, original register, 1738-1838 at HR

     Dutton, Isaac, 13 Oct. 1763,----Elizabeth Hill, both of these people
     MULATTOES .   PWI-73-----Wicomico County

     Dutton, Robert, son of John and Mary Dutton, 13 Nov., 1707-----Ann
     daughter of William and Ann Brown.  9SF--------Nottingham Monthly
     Society of Friends---Quakers

     Dutton, Robert, 11 Dec., 1744-----Mary Merriken,  2 BA-191----Baltimore
     St. John's and St. George's Parrish

     Dutton, Robert, 24 Feb., 1757-----Suzanna Howard---4 SF-236 (Gunpowder
     Monthly Meetings-Quakers).  Robert is the son of Robert Dutton of Cecil
     County and Suzanna is the daughter of Lemuel Howard.  2 BA-177-----
     Baltimore County.

     Dutton Robert, Jr., son of John and Mary, 24th day, 2 mos.,
     Howard, daughter of Lemual Howard.  (This contradicts data from the
     above on Robert's parents).


     Dutton, Edward
     1-16 and over male
     1-16 and under male
     4 females

     Dutton, Lemuel
     1-16 and over male
     Harford County

     Dutton, John
     1-16 and over male
     1 female
     6 other people in this household and
     4 slaves
     Harford County

     Dutton, Gerrard
     3 --16 and over males
     3 females
     2 slaves
     Charles County

     Dutton, Notley, Jr.
     1 -16 and over male
     3- 16 and under males
     1 female
     2 slaves
     Charles County

     Dutton, Notley
     1-16 and over male
     1 female
     20 slaves

     Dutton, Zachariah
     1-16 and over male
     5-16 and under males
     2 females
     3 slaves

This is all that I found on MD.

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