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Subject: Re: ZDUTTON — Thanks for pictures — Chickasha — Dutton characteristics
Date: 1998-07-27 17:05:53
Dear Artie,
Thanks for quick reply.  The explanation that I heard from from
a genealogist in Norman, OK when I was visiting my sister 
(don't remember the name) was that some persons of English 
heritage went to the Netherlands during the time the English 
were persecuting those not of the English church - during the
time, I suppose, that the Puritans went to Holland to escape
religious persecution, then came to America because they did
not want their children to absorb the Dutch ways).  While they 
were in the Netherlands, the country was for a time ruled by 
another nationality (seems like he said French, but not positive).  
Anyway the ruling group was of darker skin and eyes than the
Dutch.  There was intermarriage and the resulting descendants
had darker eyes and hair and skin not so fair and these people 
were referred to by the general population as Black Dutch. 
The term seemed to apply to both natives of the Netherlands
or surrounding areas that intermarried (whether the were of 
English or Dutch ancestry).with the ruling group.  At least 
this is the way I remember the explanation.  I never have 
researched the history to see how that stacks up with facts.

My great grandmother who married William D. Dutton, (son 
of James) was Maria(h)- (pronounced with a long i, but spelled
on her gravestone as Maria) Keeton.  There was some records
that my first cousin sent me from library research that 
there were both Duttons and Keetons in some of the areas 
in or around the Netherlands. 
	The Indian explanation makes some sense in that I once
had a friend that told me that my high cheekbones and dark
hair (which was quite dark brown, but not black) belied 
Indian heritage.  But I didn't take it too seriguess if they wished
not to have their Indian heritage known (due to the awful
treatment Indians were subjected to socially), the family
would not pass on the stories.  And, as I indicated, "the Dutton
men didn't talk".  Wish I had  questioned my father about it.  
Got interested in family history 10-20 years after I should 
have for the best information.

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