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Subject: Re: ZDUTTON — Thanks for pictures — Chickasha — Dutton characteristics
Date: 1998-07-28 04:04:04
Black Dutch - I have been told the "Black Dutch"  were a tribe that moved
over the border into Holland to avoid religious persecution during the
"great inquisition." Their features weren't all that dark - unless you
compare them to the fairer Dutch.  Moved across the border from where?
Don't know/can't remember.  Looking at a map probably won't help much - as
modern day borders may not be very representative of that time era (1600s?,
earlier?).  Wish I had a better memory. Anyone else have a definition?
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> Dear Betty and Woody:
> Small world.  What years was your mother in Chickasha?
> Our family was there from 1948 until the late 1960's, 
> early 70's.  My Dad's station was ln South 81 near the 
> intersection of Grand Avenue.  We lived on the corner of 
> Grand and 14th St.  I have no sense of direction and don't
> exactly know where east Chickasha is.  Did you ever go to
> the Shannon Springs Park off Grand Ave.?  Did you know 
> that they have a huge Christmas light display there now 
> that attracts visitors and bus charters from all over?  I
> saw it last year and was amazed.
> Your mother's first name wasn't Eula by any chance?  When I
> was in high school 1949-52, there was a town bootlegger
> whose first name was Eula.. . .the only one anyone had ever
> heard of as having this name - - the source of some teasing
> you can bet.  Wouldn't it be a coincidence if this was the
> "sort of " meeting of those two Eulas?  
> Dad's station was Dutton Oil, an APCO distributorship the last
> number of years.  Uncle George's Dutton's Oil Co. (station) was
> there at least as early as the 1940's until he died in the early
> 1950's.  What was your family's station and motor court named?
> So far as my Dutton family's physical characteristics, we have
> many blue-eyed Duttons, including my dad, his father, my
> Grandpa Sam and three of my siblings.  I have the same green
>  eyes as you --referred to by myself as "hazel" and by my younger
> "pesty" brothers as "cat eyes."  There are some brown eyes in 
> the family and some very dark hair.  My hair is fairly dark and 
> had very little grey until I turned 60.  It still looks dark, but 
> has grey if you look very closely.  The Dutton men that were 
> the brothers and father of my grandpa Sam were all described 
> by their descendants as quiet.  The way the Walker Co. AL
>  relatives put it, "The Dutton men didn't talk.  Any information
>  you got came from their wives."  The Dutton men in my 
> father's generation and somewhat in later generations were
> fairly quiet, but the Dutton women were (and many are, probably
> including myself) hard to keep from talking.  My Duttons are all
> pretty religious, but almost all that I know about are Baptist, 
> mostly Southern Baptist.  I have sort of strayed and joined 
> the Christian Church in later years.  Some of the Walker Co. Duttons
> must be Church of Christ as at least one is buried in that church's
> cemetery.
> All this about Dutton characteristics reminds me of a question I want
> to ask.  Someone referred to Duttons being "Black Dutch".  I would
> like to know exactly what that refers to.  My Dad used to say he was
> part English, part Irish, and part Black Dutch.  Grandpa Sam's wife,
> was Irish of the red-haired and blue eyed variety, and from her we
> have some red-haired and light haired members.  I have had one
> explanation of the Black Dutch reference.  Like to see what you folks
> know of that.
> There is one family mystery I am trying to solve, but live too far from
> AL to get any answers yet.  The only sister of my Grandpa Sam was
> named S. Lucinda Dutton.  Like most of my cousins, I was totally unaware
> that there had been a sister as we always heard about the Dutton
> Seems Lucinda was found to be with child and unmarried and as I got
> the story "The old man (William, her father) ran her off".  My dad
> her when I questioned him about birth order about 1990.  He said,
> "There was one sister, but Aunt Lucinda went off to Birmingham and
> didn't have anything to do with the family, so I don't know where she
> came in the birth order. "  I heard the reason for her going off to 
> Birmingham after my dad died and I got in touch with the AL cousins.
> Seems in the families of her brothers, the wives all pretty much gave
> their husbands to understand that if one of their girls had this problem
> there would be no thought of doing likewise.  I'm sure my dad knew why
> she "went off", but didn't want to say.  If he had depended upon his Dad
> to tell him he wouldn't have known, but he visited with the AL cousins 
> some when he was a young man and must have heard from the girls.
> Anyway, the only thing anyone else in the family knows of her is that
> she did have a son.  One of the cousins happened to meet him later in 
> life and had planned to see him and visit, but before he could do so,
> the cousin with the good intentions became ill and died.  The only 
> thing anyone knows of the son is that Glenn (the well-intended one)
> said "he was nice."  No one knows if she married the father of the
> child, but it seemed to be common knowledge that the father was a 
> Hamilton.  One of my cousins in Jasper's grandmother was a Hamilton
> and she said there never was a marriage.  
> 	The only other thing that is known is that after she died, her
> oldest surviving brother Elijah I. Dutton received a communication 
> from Elmwood Cemetery in Birmingham that her grave needed to be
> moved because of some right of way and the cemetery wanted the family
> to pay for the grave moving.  Elijah consulted with his other Jasper area
> brothers, none of whom were were will to chip in to pay anything.
> Elijah didn't reckon as to how he wanted to pay for the whole thing,
> so his granddaughter thinks no money was sent.  I wrote Elmwood
> asking them if there were a Lucinda, S.L. or S. Lucinda Dutton or 
> Hamilton buried there.  They replied there was no one by the name
> Lucinda Dutton buried there, so I guess that is the only name they were
> willing to check. If anyone is researching Jefferson County records, 
> you should find David A. Dutton's family at some point.  I don't know
> exactly when he moved from Walker County.  If you see a middle
> name help me determine if it were Anders or Andrew.  Seems to be
> some family disagreement on that.  Also keep an eye out for any
> census or marriage records of Lucinda.  If we had a married name, if
> she did ever marry anyone, we could check other records.  That is the
> one big blank in the family of William D. Dutton and Mariah Keeton in
> my records.          Thanks,  Eula

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