Duttons Married in Walker County

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Subject: Duttons Married in Walker County
Date: 1998-07-29 01:38:00
A few years back I copied most of the Duttons who were
married in Walker County AL.  These are some of the names
that I have not been able yet to connect to my knowledge
of the Walker County Duttons.  Do any of you cousins know
their connections to our ZDuttons?

Addie Dutton m. Will White, 1908
Bird Dutton m. Jake Swartz, 1893
Epp Dutton m. Thomas McCluskey, 1913
Ida Dutton m. C. P. or C. R. Sims, 1900
Iza Dutton m. R. M. Williams
J. J. Dutton m. Nancy Jeffries, 1906
J. J. Dutton m. M. E. Harper, 1879
J. L. Dutton m. Cora Gann, 1908
J. M. Dutton m. Merlie Myers, 1905
Joda Dutton m. Riley Christon, 1896
Lizzie Dutton m. James Hall, 1908
Naomi J. Dutton m. Mathew Tucker, 1879
W. R. Dutton m. F. V. Fike -I think this is our (John Dutton
	son of Zachariah Sr. desc.) W. Robert Dutton, (son of William,
	grandson of James), who married whom all his family
	records is Lena Fike.  His family have a different day in 
	August for a marriage date (same year) and no one replies to
	 my queries as to whether Lena was a nickname or a shortened
	name.  I don't know if his family have the marriage day
	wrong.  There was another W. R. Dutton in Walker County
	during this time that can not be our W. Robert, and there
	were a number of Fike families, so it possibily can be
	a different W. R.  However, W. Robert's family say he was
	married in Walker County and I found no other record.
Given the way these Duttons seemed to have moved around from
the various counties in AL these are all most likely in some of
your family history files.  Would appreciate knowing if you see
a familiar Dutton here.  One of my projects is to connect together
all the Dutton names in records in Walker County, and those also
who currently live there.  It is difficult to contact them by mail
as the phone book addresses when I was there do not give specific
street addresses for many.....there were rural routes and designations
such as Russell Dairy Road and the mail is returned.  Also now, they
have reassigned all the rural route addresses to specific numbered
addresses on road names for 911 purposes.  So with the new
directory, mail inquiries could be a possibility.  But alas, my 
residential phone directory CD program has the older rural routes.
If anyone has the new update of this program and could be so
kind as to pull up Duttons in Walker County and pass them on, I 
would do a song and dance in your honor. . . no, you would not enjoy
seeing it as that is not my forte, but rest assured I would dance
for joy.  If this is available on the net, clue me in.  I found business
addresses, but not residential.

	SHUT EYE TIME. . . . .YAWN.       EULA

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