ZDUTTON- initial posting

From: "Crystal R. Brazzel" <jcarey@texhoma.net>
Subject: ZDUTTON- initial posting
Date: 1998-06-29 01:33:39
Hi to all,
  I just "created" my ZDutton List, hope I got it in right.
  I am Janice Roper,  a 44yo grandmother of 1, nursing student, who lives
in rural Oklahoma. I recognize several of the names on this list, as I have
queried/pestered many of you in the past few years for information.
Here is my lineage.
I am daughter of William Fred Roper & Dolores Lavonn Absher
William Fred Roper son of Dolphus Omen Roper & Virchell Mae Jennings
Dolphus Omen Roper son of John Walter Roper and Willie Edna Hughes
Willie Edna Hughes daughter of George S. Hughes & Margaret Elizabeth Dutton
Margaret Dutton daughter of Edmund Dutton and Margaret Barnett Ross
Edmund Dutton son of Zachariah.
I am "cousin" to Charles VanBebber, as he descends from John Walter Roper &
Willie Edna Hughes also.  We have worked on the Dutton/Hughes/Roper lines
together for a few years.  We "found" Joseph about a year ago and made the
connection to Zachariah. I noticed at least one other list member
descending from Edmund.  
I am anxious to share information with others.

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