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Subject: Black Dutch Research
Date: 1998-07-29 16:20:21
Dear Sue:
	Many thanks to you and to all the others who responded
to my post about Black Dutch.  That ancestry e-mail sounds
like an interesting site to visit.  Could you share the 
address.  I tried several ways, but didn't get it right.  My
cousin sent me some writings that indicated the Duttons and
Keetons had been in the areas of the Netherlands and surrounding
countries, but she seldom gives sources.  I will dig for some
of the writings she sent and post that information to see if
any others have seen this same stuff.  Perhaps Rose has something
on that since she is also a Keeton descendant.

Rose: Do you have access to the Keeton family book that was
printed in AL ( think in Walker County)the past two-three years?
I did not know about it in time to purchase it.  My cousin has 
a copy, but she is in Chattanooga, TN and I see her hardly at all. 
I am pretty sure she is quoting rom that book when she wrote 
some of this.  She sometimes responds to my questions about
sources, but sometimes not and often mixes sources together 
in her discussions.  Here is one of the letters she wrote after 
she purchased the K. Book but was also doing lots of library 
research.  I have written her to ask who gave her the info she
sent to me about your family (Elizabeth and C. C. Hamilton).

"William S. Dutton married Merriam Maiah Keeton, his cousin,
(perhaps from the Redfern family." 
Note:  I have never seen S. as his middle initial.  One Civil War
document had William D.  The Keeton book, as you will later see,
proposes that James Dutton married Mary Redfern, but I think
not.  How were William and Mariah cousins? Do you know?

"Dutton family is one of the old Virginia families.  William Dutton b.
1736 m. Mary Edwards in Norfolk County, VA.  He died intestate
in Frederick County, VA in 1764.  Marriages for Wm  Dutton, James
Dutton and Adam Dutton were recorded in marriages of Virginia
residents 1607-1800.

"James Dutton b. 1741 in VA died 1830 in Marietta Co., OH.  He
married Martha Kimbler (according to DAR record #66-203)
Adam Dutton married Caty Meese in Wythe Co, VA 18 Aug 1795.
Thomas Dutton served in first Virginia state Regiment during the
Revolutionary War.  The source: Virginia Genealogist contains a
number of references to the Duttons including Elizabeth, 
James, Hanson, Jeremiah and Serena Tittle Dutton.

"The Townleys, Redferns joined Duttons and Morrises in
originating in the Virginia Colony prior to the Revolutionary War.

"In South Carolina, Jeremiah Dutton (Dotton), William, Sarah, and
John Dutton are listed in these records.

"Both Redferns and Duttons lived along Tyger River near the
Keetons and Browns in Spartanburg Co, SC before 1800.
"Mary Townley( daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Townley)
married John Redfern the son of James Redfern (Mary and 
John Redfern had one son Townley Redfern).  John Redfern moved
to Granville Dist. in Johnson Co., NC.  Record of amily in Anson
Co, NC.  Moved there in 1775.

"The Duttons came to AL along with Keetons and Townleys,
their relatives.
 Note:  I know about the Townley connections that go back to the
Rich family and have been traced by Wayne Wakefield, Azelea
Frances and others to Lord Townley in England.  If you do not
have this information, I will share, but our direct line to it
is Mariah Keeton.  Not sure if your family had Keeton connections
but there was so much intermarrying of those families, perhaps
you do.

"Mary Polly Redfern was lst cousin of Reuben Keeton, Sr. and
his wife (a Townley).  Mary Polly Townley for whom Mary
Redfern was names, perhaps both girls were named for their 
great aunt, Mary Redfern, sister of Henry Townley and daughter
of Thomas and Elizabeth Townley.  
Note:  Perhaps this Townley-Redfern connection explains the
cousin thing somehow?

"John Redfern, father of Mary Redfern and brother in law of Henry
Townley, was a Rev. war soldier.  Record in NC.  
"Note - hers in the letter) There are several Mary Redferns in
census records, most of whom are not related, including a Mary 
Redfern in KY.  However, Mary Redfern, wife of James Tommy
Dutton was born in SC. 

Note:  Our James Dutton's wife Mary was listed in all census
records as born in KY.  This led me to doubt she was a Redfern. 
JTR's info that she was Mary Irwin seems to be correct.  I also
have questioned if our James as really James Tommy as I have
never seen documents that indicate this.  Now, if as according
to the other Zachariah Dutton Sr. info James had a brother named
Thomas, it seems highly unlikely that his middle name would
be Tommy.  But the same source (I think the Keeton book) that
lists them as James Tommy Dutton and Mary Polly Redfern also
lists their children to be the same as our Walker Co. census info.

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