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Subject: Virginia Genealogist
Date: 1998-07-30 00:28:45
Dear Susie:
	"Conglomeration" is a very apt word for the way my
Chattanooga cousin (Luella) sends summaries of her research.
It often starts with Odard Dutton in England in the time
of castles, intermixed with some Dutton tidbit that relates
directly to our direct Dutton line.  But here and there comes
information that connects things.  So I save all her letters
and review them now and then to see what pops up that I
didn't see before or that connects to some new piece of
information. After I got Joseph's first letter, I found some
Morgan County and Lawrence County census information
that made some connections. 
	She wrote Virginia Genealogist in her letter and
I failed to get it underlined.  I assumed it was a journal or
a set of books.  She went to libraries and researched all kinds
of books.  She sent this letter probably a couple of years ago. 
She usually dates her letters, but this one was an enclosure
that got separated from the letter so not sure when it came.
I will write and ask her and see is she remembers exactly
what it was and where she located it.  She writes me more 
often than I can keep answering her.  Need to have her buy
a "puter" and get online, but she has no interest.   Have no
idea how she keeps her research.  All her records are hand-
written.  How she cam keeptrack of it I don't know, but she usually
can answer a direct inquiry.  
	Since she sent this, she has sold her home in Muldrow, OK
(very close to Ft. Smith, AR) where she had lived a number of
years.  Her husband had died a couple of years before that.
She moved to Chatt. to be near her children.  So she had made a
major move and is living with daughter temporarily while she
looks for her own place.  She did answer another question about
who sent her what since she has moved, so maybe she has every-
thing where she can locate things.  Without my computer program
after my major move (of a long 30 miles, grin), I couldn't have
located anything.
	I will check out the web sites.  I had found some rootsweb things.
I will have three grandchildren, from two families, ages 7,8, and
15 staying with me without moms and pops for over a week starting
Saturday, so you know how much browsing I will do until they 
leave.  But thanks, heaps for the locations.

	Whether these particular Keetons are connected to our Keeton
direct line is anyone's guess.  She tends to send generalized family
information.  She also sent information earlier that Keetons and 
Duttons were both in the Netherlands area (got to check which
country she named).  She often makes great leaps of faith so I pay
little attention to her speculations, but occasionally she turns out
to be correct.  I think she assumes that the Duttons and Keetons
in our family line have always moved to the same areas at about
the same time.  Families that are intertwined do some of that.
And Keeton is a less common name that Dutton.  It is less
widespread in every nook and cranny of the U.S. so far as I can
tell.  But it seems to be found more often in the South.  Probably
you know more about that than I as you have done a lot more
extensive research than I.  I will check my Keeton Family file and
see if we have this Jeremiah.  If so I will send another post tonight.
I had not realized that Derting or Dartings were later Duttons.  
I had only been noticing Dotton, Duton, Dutt, Dutting, etc.  I will
be interested in that book when you get it done, also in Joseph's
book.  That Johan Adam Derting became Adam Dutton blows Luella's
idea that the name Dutton or one of the other similar spelling
signals some connection somewhere.

Someone asked if Stephen Penn Dutton served in the Civil War.  I
don't have a listing of Duttons who served with the Union.  I am
sure many of the Pennsylvania and surrounding states Duttons 
must have.  But there is no Stephen Dutton on the Confederate
listing of Duttons that I was sent.  There is an S.B., but no S. P.
However, they sent a zeroxed list from a book and the pages would
not have shown spellings except those that began with Du.

Rose, after I sent your post, I realized that my Keeton connection
is not part of your family since Elizabeth's brother married into
the Keeton family.  So unless there are also Keetons in your family
also, just disregard and mark it up to not giving the whole thing
enough prior thought.

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