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Still not completely caught up on e-mail! I promise I will send the rest of
those pictures soon.


Zachariah Dutton, Sr. married 2nd Judith Parrish, widow of Clayborn
Parrish, in Granville Co., N.C., probably on Nov. 23, 1799, as James said.
There appear to be several different dates listed on various records--I had
1798 listed in my database until James brought to my attention the probate
records. I had abstracted the following records from several of the
Granville Co., N.C. record books held at the Huntsville Library (a very
good genealogical library, indeed):

Granville Marriages:
Claibourne Parish marries Judith Parish, 6 Feb 1779 - David Parish,
bondsman; Reuben Searcy, witness. [yes, apparently Judith's maiden name was
Stephen Dutton marries Sally Obriant, 23 Sep 1818 - Howell Briggs,
bondsman; W. Sneed, witness
John Dutton marries Omey Parrish, 14 Jan 1806 - Zachariah Dutton, bondsman;
W. M. Sneed, witness
Zachariah Dutton marries Judith Parrish, 23 Nov 1798 [apparently the date
in the marriage books] - Leonard Henderson, bondsman; James Sneed, witness
[Here is the Sneed family for whom James' ancestor Samuel Sneed Dutton was
named. Could there be a relation somewhere? Or were they just friends?
According to land records, Zachariah Dutton lived close to the Sneeds.]

Will Book 5:
p.57 - 14 Dec 1799 - Zachariah & Judith co-join estates and be held jointly
during marriage - at death relinquish other's estate. Witnesses: Jno. Hall,
Leonard Branson(?) [abstracted--I feel they were married in 1799 because of
this record. Would not have waited a whole year to do this. Because of this
agreement, I believe Zachariah and Judith had no children together. If
Judith married Claiborn in 1779, she would have already been past
childbearing age by 1799 anyway.]

According to probate records, Clayborn Parrish died in late 1795 or early
1796. Judith inventoried his estate in Feb 1796. He was the son of David
Parrish that died in 1789. Zachariah Dutton's first wife, a Penn?, died ca.
1797-98. Her youngest child, Samuel Sneed Dutton, was born ca. 1797.

Does anyone have any idea who the George Dutton that witnessed the estate
of Ezekiel Fuller & Sarah Martin on 30 Jan 1801 was? He is not a son of
Zachariah--perhaps another brother? Also, listed on the 1800 census of
Granville Co. is a William Dutton too old to be my ancestor, with a wife
and children--my William was not married until ca. 1833.


All the Duttons I've ever run across are Baptist. All of my ancestors that
I've ever known, and all of their descendants, attended Baptist churches.
My great-grandfather, Rev. Dan M. Dutton, was a Baptist preacher. Most of
the early Duttons in Morgan County, Alabama are buried at Friendship
Baptist Church Cemetery south of Danville. Most of the ones in Lawrence
County are buried at Union Hill (Parkertown) Baptist Church. Betty, your
bunch must have been the ones that strayed--now you're back on track. :) I
personally don't attend a Baptist church--I'm presently at an Assembly of
God (my parents' church)--but I sure do have Baptist blood. Don't know
where I'll go when I go off to school. May end up Baptist again! What group
does everybody else's Duttons fall in?


Great idea, Betty & Woody, about the archive file. That had occurred to me
a week or two ago, but I forgot about it. There is so much to be learned
for a beginner from things that have already been said. No sense asking the
same question twice, I suppose. (By the way, Woody, try putting the file in
RTF (rich text format)--in that case, it saves ONLY the text sizes, fonts,
and formatting--you lose a lot of the massive data added by your particular
word processor.) I was also thinking that we needed to set up a list home
page, to post these archive files, to attract new members, and to give
instructions on how to join. I presently don't have the capacity--I'm in
the middle of giving up my AOL account, and I haven't looked into web pages
on Worldnet--but I do have the skill--designed several pages for me and my
friends. Does anybody have ideas on where we should set up a page? If all
else fails, we could pay to have it put on Rootsweb.


We're getting so many active members, it's getting to be somewhat hectic to
manage all of the "active" functions of the list--the adding and dropping
and forwarding, etc.  I'm thinking about looking into turning that portion
of the list over to Rootsweb. I'm not sure how much that costs--just sent
an e-mail asking Barbara Bonham--but it sure would be a load off. Don't
know how many of you are on ROOTS-L lists, but it's even simpler than the
way we're doing it. Just mail to the specific address for the list--e.g.
ZDUTTON-L@rootsweb.com--and it would then automatically mail out to
everyone on the list. The server maintains the addresses on the list, and
controls automatically the adding and dropping. It sounds good to me.


You know, Eula, by now, I've read several times that bit about "Mr. Dutton"
>from the History of Walker County--and so far I've completely ignored it
because of its errors. As I said, Mr. Dutton was Thomas Dutton, brother of
your James; it was Basham's Gap and not Graham's Gap; and the names of the
children are all wrong. 

And that's the end of what I had. Guess I'll try to pick up where I had
left off.

Yes, the names of the children in that article are mostly wrong:

In The History of Walker County, Alabama book by John Martin Dombhart (p.
141), there is this paragraph under the children of James Matlock Kitchens:
"Elizabeth Kitchens, who married a Mr. Dutton, and lived at Graham's Gap,
Morgan County, Alabama.  Children: Sarah J. Dutton, who married a Mr.
Turrentine; Mary F. Dutton, who married a Mr. Dutton; Stephen T. Dutton;
James H. Dutton; Luvina T. Dutton who married James A. Hogan; W. C. Dutton
of Sebastian County, Arkansas; John F. Dutton; Frances Dutton; and Alex

Because of the errors, I had ignored this until now, but there's one vital
piece of information that I almost overlooked: W.C. Dutton of Sebastian
County, Arkansas. Thomas Dutton, who this article is describing, had two
sons that "disappeared"--the oldest, George, b. ca. 1840, and the youngest,
William C., b. ca. 1859. I think we've just discovered what happened to
William. Thanks Eula, I don't think I would have ever noticed if you hadn't
said something about it. William C. Dutton apparently moved away between
1870 and 1880, and was not on the 1880 Alabama census--guess he moved to

Briefly, I'll list the true children of Thomas Dutton:

Thomas Dutton, born 4 Dec 1809 in Granville Co., N.C., died 27 Jun 1887 at
Basham's Gap, Morgan Co., Ala.--married 7 Apr 1836 in Lawrence Co., Ala. to
Elisebeth Kitchens, born 22 Aug 1817, died ca. 1860-70 at Basham's Gap

Children (all born at Basham's Gap, Morgan Co., Ala.):
1. George, b. ca. 1840, nothing known after 1860.
2. Sarah Jane, b. ca. 1841, d. aft 1900 in Texas; md. (1) Christopher C.
Witt, (2) Richard J. Turrentine, (3) Stephen Penn Dutton
3. Mary Frances, b. 22 Aug 1844, d. 7 Oct 1877 at Basham's Gap; md. Stephen
Penn Dutton (Frances and Steve are the ancestors of Betty)
4. James H., b. 1846, d. 28 Dec 1910 in Decatur, Morgan Co., Ala.; md. Edna
E. (Edney) Nance
5. Lavina P., b. 24 Aug 1850, d. 30 Mar 1910 in Lawrence Co.; md. James A.
6. John F., b. 16 Jan 1853, d. 4 Jun 1912 at Gibson's Beat/Penn's
Community/Basham's Gap; md. Piety A. Wilhite
7. David F., b. 9 Oct 1851, d. 9 Oct 1879 at Basham's Gap
8. Alexander J., b. 16 May 1856, d. 12 Nov 1828 at Gibson's Beat/Penn's
Community/Basham's Gap, etc.; md. Malinda Susan McCormick
9. William C., b. ca. 1859, moved to Arkansas?


I've never really heard much about my Duttons' early origins. I never was
around much to hear. As far as anyone of us knew, our Duttons came from
North Carolina. Nobody had even heard that most of them were born in

I tend to believe that Thomas Dutton of Charles County, Maryland was
English. In 1680, I would suppose that the majority of the immigrants to
Maryland would be British, Maryland being a British colony. Elizabeth Hill,
Thomas' wife, was no doubt English, as were her ancestors. Most of the
settlers in that area were apparently English. In England, most of the
Duttons originated from Dutton, Cheshire--I assume that this was a town or
village. Odard, Lord of Dutton, one of the Norman invaders of England, I
think, founded and ruled the area. In the lines of Odard, the most
prevalant name in every generation is Thomas.

But again and again, I hear "Black Dutch". From every branch of the family,
even Zachariah's family, that's what I hear. That couldn't have come for
nowhere--there must be something to it. I had never even heard of Black
Dutch until I started this--I don't think--I'll have to ask my older aunts
and uncles where they heard we all came from. I'm just now getting a handle
of what "Black Dutch" actually was--may have been English afterall, for all
I know. 

Charles County Thomas Dutton's son Matthew, whom Zachariah apparently
descends from, married Judith O'Caine, daughter of Gerrard O'Caine. This
name is obviously Irish. The Penns fit into the picture sooner or
later--I'm not even completely sure where they were from. Any ideas?

YAWN. Well, it's late--I've got to get to bed. Best wishes to all of you,


Cousin Joe

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