Jumped the Gun

From: <MAKinsley@aol.com>
Subject: Jumped the Gun
Date: 1998-07-30 11:29:15
Cousin Joe. Well, I guess I should have waited and read all the mail and I
would have had the answer about Samuel Sneed. I am limited what time I can
spend on this computer as it belongs to my daughter who is a college student
(soon to be a teacher, I hope)

At any rate, Dutton Country Cousins sound nice too. Remember you can't be
everything to everyone. You are doing a GREAT JOB and I am very thankful for
all the information sent over the net. I just wish someday we all could meet
and have a Big Dutton Reunion. I believe all of us are very lucky to have you
and I still will stand it line for a copy of your book on Zachariah Dutton.

Cousin Margaret  Ann

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