Re: ZDUTTON – Susie's Post on Thomas Dutton

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Subject: Re: ZDUTTON – Susie's Post on Thomas Dutton
Date: 1998-07-31 00:04:00
     I was reading your post on the Thomas Dutton that married Mary Brooks.  I
just got done typing up the Black Dutch article.  When I saw that Itawamba ,
it rang a bell.  In Jimmy Crane's Black Dutch article, he mentions that
said that Duttons were Black Dutch and also that many people in the back roads
of his home country, ITAWAMBA , COUNTY, MS. were Black Dutch.  Thomas's
son, Thomas, married Mary Catherine Bates in 1853 in ITAWAMBA COUNTY, MS.
Do you think there may be a connection here and maybe my papa Dutton was kin
these Duttons?

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