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Subject: Re: ZDUTTON -Sonya's Posting
Date: 1998-07-31 16:46:09
Hi, Sonya,
     Yes, I got your posting fine.  Your Thomas Dutton that married Mary
Brooks could be a brother to my Papa Dutton.  We think that Papa Dutton was
born in the
1790's.  He married a Mary????  They had at least 6 children, 3 girls and 3
The first child was born in 1810 as far was we know.  They list SC most of the
as the birthplace of all the children.  One census listed it as NC.  Benton is
a very
popular middle name with the males.  Thomas, Wiley, James, and John are
as girls name of Mary, Sarah, Rebecca, and Louisa.  Papa Dutton, possibly your
Thomas's brother,  is dead by 1840.  Allied family names connected to these
Duttons are Rose, Garner, Green, Chavers/Chavours/Shavers, Lynch, and
These Dutons were in NC, SC, GA, TN, AL , and AR.  If family is correct, these
Duttons were Southern Methodist Episcopalians.  Mary, possibly Chavers, was
either full blooded Cherokee or 1/2 Cherokee.  I, too, need to find the
parents and siblings of my Dutton.  The
censuses I can find them on are:
1840-----Franklin County, TN
1850----Dade County, GA
           Conway County, AR
1860----Franklin County, TN
           Dade County, GA
           Conway County, AR
           Sumner County, TN
1870----Franklin County, TN
           Conway County, AR
           Sumner County, TN
           Robertson County, TN
           Fayette County, KY
1880----Franklin County, TN
           Conway County, AR
           Oldham County, KY
           Montgomery County, IL
I would love to see the info you have on Duttons for your Thomas.  Has your
ever talked about the Duttons being Black Dutch?  I will also send you the
data and dates I have for my Duttons, if you'd like.  
     I am going to Nashville this Wednesday through Sunday to see what I can
dig up
in TN.  I need lots of census data for these Duttons.  I am running out of
time.  I
start back to school on the 20th!
     Thanks for answering me.  Maybe we can sort these Duttons out.  My
are listed as Deetons on the 1840 Franklin County, TN census.  Maybe that's
I can't find them in 1830 or 1820 or 1810!  Did the name Mary come up as a
for you Thomas?

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