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From: Sue Dutton Rodgers <>
Subject: Samuel Dutton
Date: 1998-08-02 15:53:16
Now that we have determined that the Samuel Dutton found in Lawrence
Co.AL 1820 or earlier (he died there in 1823) is not a son of Zachariah
Dutton, who WAS he???

Artie asked about Thomas Dutton who married Mary Brooks and he was one
of Samuel's sons.  One of our members, Sonya Mims, descends from this
line.  I know that I have corresponded with a couple of his
decendants. It must've been a bit of a shock when Judy's Samuel in Anson
Co.NC turned out to be the Samuel.   (The fact that I was in contact for
several months with Judy, then met Joseph on line and was able to put
the two of them together is wonderful testimony to how much we can
accomplish by networking!!!)

Here is  what little I have on Samuel Dutton of Lawrence Co. AL.  And I
concur with Joseph's theory that he and Aaron Dutton who went to Blount
Co were somehow connected.  And it certainly seems to follow that this
Samuel is SOMEHOW connected to Zachariah's kids who came to Lawrence Co
shortly after he did!!  But, alas, connecting the dots...the
eternal quest!!

Samuel Dutton b. 1775-1778 (we don't know where but we do have
information that Aaron came from Pennsylvania.)
 Samuel died abt 1823 in Lawrence Co. AL
Wife:  Ellendor (Ellindor, Ellinor) Owens
m.5 Nov 1798 in Washington Co. KY
Thomas Dutton b. abt 1800 Wa.Co. KY
 wife Mary Brooks m. abt 1820 in Lawrence Co. AL
   their children:  Thomas Dutton b. 5 May 1830 in Lawrence Co. AL, d.18
Mar 1876 in
                         Brady City, McCulloch Co., Texas
                         m. Mary Catherine Bates b. Oct 5 1833, d. 6 Aug
1917 in Brady City,
                         McCulloch Co. TX.  m. 9 Nov 1853 in Itawamba
Co. MS
                            Thomas and Mary had a daughter, Laura b. Nov
1864 in Tx.
Richard Dutton b. abt 1802
Deborah Dutton b. abt 1804
  +William McDaniel
Pricilla Dutton b. abt 1806
  +John Hughs
Margaret (Peggy) Dutton b. abt 1807
  +Joseph Rhodes m. 22 Nov 1823 in Lawrence Co. AL
Elizabeth Dutton b. abt 1813
Sally Dutton b. abt 1814
Perkins Dutton b. abt 1815
Owen Dutton b. abt 1816
Aaron Dutton b. abt 1817
David Dutton b. abt 1818

There are a couple of loose (possible) connections here to the Aaron
Dutton who went to Blount Co:  Samuel names a son Aaron.  And his
daughter, Margaret Dutton, marries a Rhodes as does one of Aaron's
daughters, Harriet.

Now back to Joseph's info on Aaron.  I've been trying to figure out when

Aaron's family came to Blount Co. (and if indeed Aaron himself ever left

TN or it was just his children who did)  I do know that the marriage of
Hardin Dutton and Susannah Elliot took place in Blount Co and I'm
waiting for a gal to send me the correct date.  It's pretty obvious that

if Hardin was born abt 1815 he didn't get married in 1824!!  And I don't

believe the birthdate of 1820 in TN on Susannah is correct.  I will
update you all when that info comes in.  Here is what I have on Aaron

Descendants of Aaron Dutton
        1       Aaron Dutton    b: 1785 in PA
.               +Margaret Powell        b: 1790 in KY
                        Father: Thomas Powell   Mother: Mary [Powell]
........        2       Sammuel Dutton I        b: 1809 in TN
............            +Nancy Elliot                   m: March 26,
1828 in Blounty Co. AL
........        2       Harriett Dutton b: 1810 in TN
............            +Samuel Rhodes  m: April 07, 1827 in Blount
........        2       Polly Du Dutton b: 1812 in TN
............            +James Speakman         m: July 28, 1833
inBlount Co. Al.
........        2       Minerva Dutton  b: April 01, 1814 in TN
............            +Alexander Price        m: January 14, 1835 in
Blount Co. Al.
........        2       Hardin Dutton   b: 1815 in TN
............            +Susannah Elliot
                                d: March 17, 1824 in Blount Co. Al.
...................     3       Eliza Dutton    b: 1835
...................     3       Arrina Ellin Dutton     b: November
26,1837 in Blount Co. Al.
                                d: March 22, 1901 in Willow City,
Gillespie Co, TX
                                City: Willow City, TX
.......................         +Jo David Harrison Sr
                                b: July 28, 1832 in Blount Co., ALA
                                d: March 22, 1891 in Willow City,
Gillespie Co, TX
                                m. January 15, 1854 in ALA
                                Father: Greenberry H Harrison
                                Mother: Esther W Gillespie
...................     3       Lutha Dutton    b: 1839  in Blount
...................     3       Sarah Dutton    b: 1841 in Blount
...................     3       Margaret Dutton b: 1844 in Blount
...................     3       James Dutton    b: 1849 in Blount Co.,
...................     3       Samuel Dutton II        b: 1852 in
Blount Co., Al.
...................     3       John Dutton     b: 1855 in Blount Co.,
...................     3       Hexakah Dutton  b: 1857 in Blount Co.,
                        3       William    b. abt 1860
                        3       Harden Lafayette    b. abt 1864
........        2       Anna Dutton     b: 1816 in TN
............            +William Blackburn      m: August 01, 1833 in
Blount Co. Al.
........        2       Mahala Dutton   b: 1819

Joseph, the information you had states that most of Aaron's children
were married
in TN meaning the family did not come to Blount until (if you believe)
after 1835???  I do have information on two of these children, Hardin
and Samuel I, that they married in Blount Co. AL.  So I would
tentatively place the arrival of the Aaron Dutton family in Blount Co
between the years of 1819 (last child Mahala b. 1819 in TN) and 1827
(first child married in Blount Co.)

If anyone has any more information on these two families I would love to

hear about it!!

James in NC!!  What a great story about Samuel hitting Zachariah with a
pan and leaving home!!!  Now I think I remember hearing from Judy
(another grandchild of Samuel Sneed Dutton on our list) that Samuel met
Elizabeth in Anson County while peddling pans (?) and other goodies
across NC and SC??

Hope this information helps to sort out some of the Duttons in
Alabama. If anyone has any more information on these two families I
would love to hear about it!!

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