Dutton Gang…I am back

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Subject: Dutton Gang…I am back
Date: 1998-08-02 21:31:10
Hi family

It is nice to go on vacation, but it is soooooooooonice to get home.  The Lord
looked after my stuff while I was gone though.  We were having an almost
drought before I left and I was having to water all of my plants.  When we
returned, everything is so green and lush (including the grass--can you hear
Don groan).  Everyone says we got rain almost every other day when we were
gone.  Thank you Lord.  My banana trees grew almost a yard and everything
looked happy except my tomatoes.  Fire ants got into my raised bed and have
played havoc with my tomatoes.  Since I do not put any kinds of poisons on my
garden, I am going to try to attack them with keeping them so wet that they
will go somewhere else....like out in the lawn so Don can put poison on them.
I stepped in a mound of them about five years ago and they seized on my left
foot.....blisters everywhere.  Then a few months later the side of my foot
looks like one of those wine birthmarks and it has never gone away.  The
doctor told me to keep putting lanoline on it......I don't think they know
what to do with it.

I must have 100 e-mails, so I will write this little diddy and let you know
that I am back, well and you probably still won't hear from me for awhile till
I get through all of this e-mail.

Joseph, Thanks for the download pictures.  They came in so big that I hope
that i can print them off.  I looked at ggggrandma's picture, and i thought,
"how in the world did we ever get here to begin with...."  just kidding, it
must have been love.

Artie, thanks for all the great information.  As I have said before, you
should do research for a living.  You are the most ardent researcher that I

All of you...I don't know what happened while I was gone, have not read all my
e-mail yet, however, I know that y'all all are my Duttons for sure now. They
(we call it yow-yowing) bicker and pout wit h one another all the time, but
they get over it faster than any body I have ever seen, and be a huggin and
carrying on. My daddy's family carries a grudge for a lifetime....and if they
don't get you in this lifetime, they will pick up where they left off in the

Anyone...especially James.  I read in an article out of an old Darlington News
and Press Newpaper, down at the Darlington Historical Com that my great
grandfather, "Bud" Dutton raised "Blue Tick hound dogs."  Can anyone tell me
what these dogs are.  What do they look like?  Do they Bay like regular hound
dogs? An uncle said that he thought that Bud's daddy did too.  Was this a
family thing?

Susie, James.....I hope that story about Zachariah and the pan hitting is in
the mail that i have downloaded to read off line........And Susie that was
great that you could remember that the family tradition story was that Samuel
was a tinker. It must have been two years ago, I told you that one.   Now I
know who to get to keep up with my appointments//  grin

While I was at the beach, I read through a lot of my newsletters that I have
not had the chance to read in months (due to these lookups and to this web
page that I took over). And guess what I saw.....A beautiful story written by
Kay Broach Suber about her family and the discovery of letters and postcards
scrunched up in a paper bag that had been in her sister's attic for
years....that went along with a story that her grandmother had written.  She
is the cousin that is the hub of our Broach Family Group.  Lesson:  Pay
attention to anything that comes out of grandma's house!!!!

The weather cooperated at the Beach too.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  WE
spent every day on the beach except one.  Don had quite a day yesterday.  This
group of young ladies (some professors and students who had graduated I later
learned) came down together.  They drank wine and enjoyed themselves sitting
in a row together at the eedge of the surf.  Then one by one they begin to
leave about one to go back to their staying place and get cleaned up.  When
the last one was left all alone, she stood up and "tried" to take a walk on
the beach (keep in mind she finished off the wine) and fell flat on her face.
She got up laughing but was missing a little cloth up top (very well endowed).
She was so high that she didn't even notice, so this little old lady crept
down and told her, "young lady, you need to cover yo self," (I could see my
grandma now) and the professor giggled and said "oops," and fixed things.  I
missed all this because I had gone back to the house for a minute, but believe
me daughter, nieces, and people sitting next to us told me all about it.  Don
was completely mum....Well, needless to say for the next few hours this
professor garnered every person's attention on the beach....No man read for
this period of time......LOL When she started to leave, she could not get
things together.  First she lost her shoes and they went floating out to sea.
My daughter chased them down, then she dropped her bag and another lady helped
her pick that up, then she couldn't get the chair to fold up, put on her shoes
and hold her bag at the same time, so I helped her with her chair and insisted
on carrying it for her (I was afraid she would kill herself).  That is how I
found out she was a professor because we talked on the way.  I told her that
Shandy and I were people watchers and we make up stories about people and that
Shandy said, "bet those ladies work at the National bank together and they are
on an outing together."  I answered, "but I don't think they look like
tellers, they must be the executive group (right below the men...smile).
"no," Shandy countered, "see the blond, she could be a teller."  I rebutted,
"nope, nails too long, bathing suit too expensive, accountant...k"  Anyway you
get the idea.  The professor laughed and that is when she told me what she did
for a living.....I won't tell you where she teaches.. to protect the
innocent.....but I will
tell you that Don Knight smiled all afternoon and I just kept looking
crosseyed at him....

Well, folks, I just wanted to check back in to "home," and let everyone know
that I am back and that I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO WORK TOMORROW.....squinch face,
grit teeth, scream!!!!

Also, there is a cousin in our Broach Group, Paul DeGraf, (her daughter Denise
helped us get our page up and running and set up our list server ...BTW
Joseph, if you want to set one up, I am sure that Denise would be glad to
help), anyway Paula has Lupus and has just had to have another transfusion.
Please pray for her that the Lord will heal her.  This disease seems to run in
our Broach family along with Diabetes. 

 My Duttons here seem to have heart disease early in life and die in their 40s
and early 50s.  If you notice on my profile another interest of mine is
genetics...i believe that my Duttons probably had high Triglycerides....sp

Hope that everyone is enjoying their summer  vacations and that all is well
and that y'all are getting in more research time than I am!!!!
Someone has to be keeping up with this family.....
Love ya Judy

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