Re: ZDutton

From: <>
Subject: Re: ZDutton
Date: 1998-08-04 16:40:04
I have been doing a little digging and I've come up with some information that
you may or may not have.  In regard to Zachariah Dutton's first wife it looks
like Elizabeth Penn may be a good guess.  In my scattered records I've come up
with this information:

William Chandler Penn had five known children.  Elizabeth, John, Jerred
Zerrell, Ezekiel, and Stephen.  I found out that a John Penn of Charles Co.
married Eleanor Dutton of Charles Co on July 20, 1779.  In my searching I
found that Gerrard Dutton had two daughters (unnamed).  Do you suppose that
one of them could have been this Eleanor????  It could have been that Z.
Dutton married a Penn and John Penn married a Dutton.  To me this thickens the
plot.  As I said this could be information that you already have but if anyone
has anything to add to this I would like to have it.


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