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Date: 1998-08-08 20:02:38
Norwood bunch............this was sent to me by a Dutton cousin in my Dutton
family group.  If any of y'all are in Alabama, this may help you.  If not just
file or delete.

Dutton gang.........Arte sent this to me some time ago before we had our
Dutton mail group.  Someone was asking about a White connection the other day,
but I cannot remember who.

Have a great weekend.
Love Cousin Judy

Susie & Judy,
     I found these Duttons and other allied names in Lawrence County, AL.
were many Norwoods there, too!  I wonder if these are Judy's Duttons?
Saley Beard m. James Asbury on Feb. 8, 1824
Mary Douglep m. Dunston O Cannon on Oct. 20, 1829
Elizabeth Dutton m. Robert Crayton/Clayton on Jan. 14, 1832
Sarah Dutton m. James Coulson on Dec. 22, 1833
William Dutton m. Vina Borden on Dec. 20, 2851
Mary Hale m. M. Deamons on April 11, 1832
Sarah Elizabeth Hampton m. Alexander Dutton on Nov. 18, 1849
Frances G. Harris m. Richard Douldin on March 16, 1834
Creed Hodges m. Margaret Denson on Dec. 22, 1835
Mary Irwin m. James Dulton on July 18, 1832
George W. Johnson m. Dorinda Dutton on Dec. 10, 1851
Elizabeth Kitchens m. Thomas Dutton on April 7, 1836
Henry Lane m. Sarah Ellison on Sept. 10, 1829
Tidence W. Lane m. Milly Bailes on Dec. 29, 1825
Charity McDaniel m. Jarrad Dutton on Feb. 14, 1820
Benjamin Milam m. Elizabeth Dutton on July 23, 1853
Sarah Ann Mitchell m. William Elliot on Jan. 13. 1829
Elisha C. Mitchell m. Rebecca Ann Alexander on Jan. 30, 1838
Eliza E. Mitchell m. Edmund Elliot on April 28, 1834
Martha Ann Mitchell m. Harvey N. Jameson on Nov. 6, 1850
Mary Mitchell m. John Mcaffee on March 30, 1851
Mary M. Mitchell m. Anderson Hutchinson on Jan. 8, 1825
Polly Mitchell m. Moses Ellidge on Nov. 29, 1823
Samuel Mitchell m. Martha Broadnax on Dec. 20, 1824
Thomas Mitchell m. Mary Griffin on May 9, 1853
Virginia Mitchell m. Martin Bowling on Oct. 26, 1853
Watson T. Mitchell m. Elizabeth Ellidge on July 21, 1823
Elizabeth Murphy m. Henry T. Benton on Oct. 25, 1837
Elizabeth S. Norwood m. Leman W. Lacky on Oct. 31, 1849
George Norwood m. Pripillar McDaniel on Aug. 31, 1829
George Norwood m. Harriet Nolen on July 21, 1852
Henry Norwood m. Teresa Holland on Sept. 4, 1849
Uno. W. Norwood m. Sarah Ann T. Johnson on Oct. 15, 1853
Jonathon Norwood m. Priscilla Atkinson on Sept, 27, 1821
Martha Norwood m. Joseph Lipscomb on Jan. 28, 1854
Mary Norwood m. Robin Hampton on Sept. 1, 1829
Mary Ann Norwood m. James G. Edwards on July 6, 1837
Matilda Norwood m. William H. Elkins on Dec. 26. 1833
Nathaniel Norwood m. Martha C. Gallaway on Aug. 7, 1856
Sarah Norwood m. William Blizzard on April 7, 1833
William Norwood m. Lucinda Learwood on Sept. 30, 1825
Margaret Odaniel m. Daniel Morgan on Sept. 14, 1823
Zachariah Parham m. Amanda Mitchell on Jan. 2, 1851
Preston Payne m. Mary Ann Garner on Jan. 26, 1832
Joseph Rhodes m. Margaret Dutton on Nov. 22, 1823
George W. Rose m. Julia Bell on March 19, 1821
James Rose m. Nancy Ann Furguson on Feb. 4, 1830
William G. Rutherford m. Nancy A. Norwood on Sept. 25, 1850
William Sheets m. Mary Garner on April 17, 1830
James I. Smith m. Eliza Dententon on Sept. 24, 1835
Jane Sotham m. Aaron Franks on Dec. 5, 1833
Nancy F. Southerland m. Reason  R. Burnes on July 3, 1850
Sally Stogel m. Nathaniel Norwood on Dec. 22, 1819
Allen Stokes m. Malinda Southerland on Feb. 15, 1851
Sarah Surthium m. Richard Buring on Jan. 18, 1830
Aaron Sutherland m. Elizabeth Rop on Jan. 8, 1828
Hennetta Thompson m. Thomas Norwood on Aug. 8, 1834
Sarah Tucker m. James H. Norwood on July 8, 1851
Levi Warren m. Nancy Rose on June 24, 1853
Mary Washer m. John S. Norwood on Sept. 11, 1852
Joel W. Watkins m. Louisa Daulton on May 26, 1849
Elizabeth Ann Weems m. George W. Norwood on Nov. 4, 1853
Martha K. White m. R. W. Norwood on Jan. 19, 1854
Samuel White m. Mary Dutton  on Feb. 5, 1829
Alexander O. William m. Mary Ann Galloway on Feb. 20, 1834
Elizabeth Williams m. Gaston Hollamon on July 22, 1854

Judy, If these are all your Norwoods, I can see how they tied in with the
Duttons through the Whites and didn't I see on your tree where a Stepp married
a Dutton?

     Are any of these your Duttons?

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