ZDUTTON – Maryland Duttons and Penns

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Subject: ZDUTTON – Maryland Duttons and Penns
Date: 1998-08-11 21:18:38
At 04:40 PM 8/4/98 EDT, you wrote:
>I have been doing a little digging and I've come up with some information
>you may or may not have.  In regard to Zachariah Dutton's first wife it looks
>like Elizabeth Penn may be a good guess.  In my scattered records I've
come up
>with this information:
>William Chandler Penn had five known children.  Elizabeth, John, Jerred
>Zerrell, Ezekiel, and Stephen.  I found out that a John Penn of Charles Co.
>married Eleanor Dutton of Charles Co on July 20, 1779.  In my searching I
>found that Gerrard Dutton had two daughters (unnamed).  Do you suppose that
>one of them could have been this Eleanor????  It could have been that Z.
>Dutton married a Penn and John Penn married a Dutton.  To me this thickens
>plot.  As I said this could be information that you already have but if
>has anything to add to this I would like to have it.


I've seen the same data, and leapt to the same conclusions. I later got
some more data from Barbara Farthing Bonham that causes some of it to fall
apart. I guess this is a pretty good opportunity to talk about the Maryland

All of the Duttons in Charles County, Maryland, including our Zachariah,
are descended from a man named Thomas Dutton, born probably about 1660,
presumably in England. I believe he immigrated about 1680 and settled in
Charles County on the Wicomico River. By 1688 he had married Elizabeth
Hill, daughter of Matthew Hill and Edith Beane. They had 4 children, all
born in Charles County:

1. Edith, born ca. 1688
2. Elizabeth, born ca. 1690 
3. Matthew, born 28 Sep 1692
4. Notley, born 19 Dec 1694

I don't know anything about Edith; Notley died young. Matthew is the only
child that continued the Dutton name, and is then our ancestor. He married
Judith O'Caine, daughter of Gerrard O'Caine, and this is how that name
comes into the family. Elizabeth Dutton is the initial connection to the
Penns--she married William Penn.

Matthew Dutton and Judith O'Caine had 3 sons; no daughters were ever
1. Notley Dutton
2. Thomas Dutton
3. Gerrard Dutton

Notley Dutton married and had descendants; I only know of one son, another
Notley, who married Eleanor Philpott Glover; his descendants moved to Ohio.
Thomas married Elizabeth ________ and had 4 children: 

a. Notley Dutton
b. Muriel Dutton; married 20 Jul 1779 to Thomas Dutton Nettle
c. Eleanor Dutton; married 20 Jul 1779 to John Penn
d. Matthew Dutton

This Thomas is reported to have died in the American Revolution.

Gerrard, son of Matthew, has 2 proven children, his sons listed in his
will; of course, the oldest, to inherit the estate, and the next oldest,
who would inherit it if the oldest died. No other children are ever
mentioned in any records I've seen, but I'm certain that there were others.
It is here that I believe our Zachariah fits in. I am growing ever more
sure of this conclusion:

1. Thomas Morriss Dutton
2. James H. Dutton
3. Zachariah Dutton ???

And, you said there were two daughters. Where did this record come from?
I'd like to see it.

Thomas Thompson, who is on our receiving list, descends from Gerrard's son
James H. Dutton.

So, here is the breakdown (direct feed from my genealogy program):

Descendants of Thomas Dutton - 11 Aug 1998
1-Thomas Dutton (abt 1660-bef 9 Aug 1717)
sp: Elizabeth Hill (bef 1672-18 May 1721)
    2-Edith Dutton (abt 1688-)
    2-Elizabeth Dutton (abt 1690-bef 9 Aug 1717)
    sp: William Penn (-)
        3-Elizabeth Penn (abt 1712-bef 14 Nov 1774)
        sp: Joseph Joy (-)
            4-Ann Joy (-)
            sp: Notley Ford (-)
            4-Joseph Joy (-)
                5-Benjamin Joseph Joy (-)
            4-William Joy (-bef 1770)
            sp: Ann ________ (-)
                5-Eleanor Joy (-)
            4-Mary Joy (-)
            4-Elizabeth Joy (-)
        3-William Penn (abt 1714-)
        sp: Mary Chandler (-)
            4-William Penn (-bef 3 Apr 1753)
            sp: Elizabeth Dent (-)
                5-Jezreel Penn (-)
                5-William Penn (-)
            4-John Penn (-)
            4-Mark Penn (24 Nov 1692-bef 4 Jan 1738)
            sp: Jane Cottrell (-)
                5-Jane Penn (-)
                5-Ann Penn (-)
                5-Sarah Penn (-)
            4-Elizabeth Penn (2 Jun 1695-)
    2-Matthew Dutton (28 Sep 1692-bef 9 May 1734)
    sp: Judith O'Caine (-)
        3-Notley Dutton (bet 1710 and 1720-)
            4-Notley Dutton (abt 1740-)
            sp: Eleanor Philpott Glover (-)
                5-Notley Dutton (bet 1775 and 1785-)
                5-John Harrison Dutton (-)
                5-Matilda Dutton (-)
                5-Elizabeth Dutton (-)
        3-Thomas Dutton (bet 1725 and 1730-1780)
        sp: Elizabeth ________ (-)
            4-Notley Dutton (-)
            4-Muriel Dutton (bef 1760-)
            sp: Thomas Dutton Nettle (-)
            4-Eleanor Dutton (bef 1760-)
            sp: John Penn (-)
            4-Matthew Dutton (-)
        3-Gerrard Dutton (abt 1730-10 Jan 1791)
        sp: Judith ________ (-)
            4-Thomas Morriss Dutton (-)
            4-James H. Dutton (-bet 1840 and 1845)
                5-James H. Dutton (-)
                5-John Thomas Dutton (-)
                5-William Dutton (-)
            4-Zachariah Dutton (bet 1750 and 1755-1829)
            sp: ? Penn (bef 1760-abt 1797)
                5-Matilda Dutton (abt 1774-aft 1829)
                5-William Dutton (abt 1777-bet 1850 and 1860)
                5-John Dutton (abt 1778-bet 14 Nov 1850 and 1860)
                5-Zachariah Dutton (abt 1781-)
                5-Alexander Thomas Dutton (abt 1784-26 Dec 1818)
                5-Jarrett Gerrard Dutton (abt 1790-aft 1830)
                5-Stephen Dutton (abt 1792-24 Mar 1878)
                5-Edmund Dutton (7 Sep 1793-28 Dec 1882)
                5-Elizabeth Dutton (abt 1796-)
                5-Samuel Sneed Dutton (abt 1797-31 Dec 1874)
            sp: Judith Parrish (-)
    2-Notley Dutton (19 Dec 1694-11 Oct 1717)

The Penns, I am certain, fit in at several different points. The record
you're talking about listing the children of "William Chandler Penn", which
I'm assuming is the FTM World Family Tree entry for Stephen Penn's family,
is unfortunately mistaken. My heart jumped when I saw that one, too. I went
off asking about "Stephen Penn, the brother of Jezreel Penn" and Barbara
Bonham jumped down my throat. She says, as listed above from her file, that
Jezreel Penn only had one brother, William. When I asked Barbara about
Stephen Penn, she told me that he was the son of William Penn and Ann
Chandler (that was from her memory; she didn't have a source.) As far as I
know, "William Chandler Penn" is just a myth. Let me explain it.

The "William Chandler Penn" that everyone still talks about down here
appears to be the result of a mix-up on the part of Stephen Penn's
great-grandson, Dr. William Warren Penn. He was writing a biographical
sketch of his father, Dr. James T. Penn, son of William Warren Penn Sr.,
son of Stephen Penn. James T. Penn had married his cousin, Mary Frances
Penn, the daughter of Stephen Penn's other son, Stephen Chandler Penn. This
would make the great-grandson, Dr. William Warren Penn, the grandson of
both William Warren Penn and Stephen Chandler Penn. Dr. William Warren Penn
lived in Texas and probably never knew either of his grandfathers, and at
the time the sketch was written the only older relatives he knew, his
parents, had passed on. In the sketch, Dr. Penn states that his ancestor
"William Chandler Penn was a Revolutionary pensioner." It is probable that
he was speaking of Stephen Penn, his great-grandfather. Stephen Penn was
born in 1760. It would be unlikely, but not unheard of, for his father to
have fought in the Revolution. 

Oh, what a confused mess! I don't know what to think. Any comments?

Cousin Joe

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