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Date: 1998-08-14 22:54:50
Hi My Dear Gang of Cousins

Can you tell its Friday??? And I am relieving stress by computerizing.  My
husband is a couch potato, but they now tell me that I am a mouse potato!!!

Anyway I send you these tidbits.

The following is off of death certificates that are on file at the SC

Annie Dutton 
#506 - Darlington Co.
Died - 1-14-1927   Born - Nov. 1884
Age 72 years, 2 mos., 10 days
Married  Occupation - Domestic & Textile
Birthplace - Darlington Co.
Father - Henry Andrews  Mother - Alice Register
Burial - Grove Hill on 1-16-1927
Informant - Mr. E. J. Dutton

This is my great grandmother who was married to Edward Ivy "Bud" Dutton (the
fellow who raised the fine "Blue Tick" Hound dogs....grandson of Samuel Sneed
Dutton. This is why you cannot always depend on an obituary in the paper or
even a legal document like a death certificate.  People give this information
under duress.  Note the dates of her birth and the date of her death...then
note how old they say she was...  Actually....she was the same age when she
died that my grandmother was when she died, that my mother was when she
died,.........oops  I better be careful.  She still had children at home.  My
grandmother (her daughter) and grandfather Broach took them in.

This is a test.....grin

Then there is:

Mary Francis Dutton
#8809 - Darlington Co.
Died 6-21-1934   Born 10-31-1847
Age 87 yrs., 7 mos., 20 days
Widowed- Husband-Edmond H. Dutton
Occupation-Domestic   Birthplace - N.C.
Father - William Manor  Mother- Mary Mills
Burial - Grove Hill on 6-22-1934
Informant - Wm Dutton

Now we folks down here have always talked a little slow and sometimes slur our
words a little, so we may be misunderstood sometime, especially those who talk
with their mouth full of chewing tobakey... but here is that Edmond again and
furnished by his son.  Did they misunderstand him and his name really Edward
for whom his son Edward Ivy supposidly was named after....and our family
records show that Mary Francis' father was  a Maynard??????   Now who do I
believe....1)  these fine legal documents or  2) grandaddy?????  

I submit these for your perusal and ponderances.
Love Cousin

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