Duttons in North Texas

From: "Crystal R. Brazzel" <jcarey@texhoma.net>
Subject: Duttons in North Texas
Date: 1998-08-19 07:15:31
*First of all - I think I am missing a few names for the list.  I will get
this fixed if someone will tell me who the names of the last 2 or 3 who
joined. How many should I have now?

Second of all.  I spent the day in North Texas, digging around for Duttons.
 Scrounging around in those old cemetery records made me realize what a
wild, hard country this was.  So many records would read like:  3 men
killed in Indian Raid - unmarked graves near such & such; or unmarked grave
of 8 yo girl who died when wagon train passing through etc etc. Okay. Here
are Dutton Birth Records for Wise County Tx 1864-1902.
Dutton ,  Bertha Zone  01/16/1878, female, Lawrence County AL (12357)
father - James, born Al; mother - Elizabeth Norton, born Al.
Dutton,  Clara May  06/21/1894, female, Springtown (7345), father - J.A.,
born Al; Mother - Mary Abilene Blackwell, born Tx
Dutton, Leoda  05/01/1894, female, Keeter (10130) father - James
Washington, born Al, Mother - Elizabeth Jane Norton, born Al
Dutton, Stephen Elmore 12/15/1895, male, Springtown, (7445) father - James
Arthur, born Al, Mother- Mary Abilene Blackwell, born Tx.
Apparently, Bertha Zone Dutton, the first birth listed was born in Al, but
her birth certificate was not recorded until the family moved to Texas. All
other locations listed are in Texas. Springtown was an early address for
George Hughes and wife Margaret Dutton. 
Cemetery Records:
Ringgold Cemetery - (Montague County) Melvin Ottis Dutton Dec 11, 1909 -
Jul 4, 1967
   wife Essie Luevine Fox Oct 8, 1916 (no death date)
   son Melvin Ottis Jr  Dec 12, 1937 - Feb 9, 1938
Roden Cemetery (1 m N of Vashti, Clay County)  Leslie Brooks Dutton Mar 18,
1922 - Nov 1, 1990; wife Mary (dau of Jerd Joplin and Cudie Farmer)
12-23-1925 - 1-16-1990
Opal Cemetery (Wise County) Arrow F. Dutton 2-4-1880  10-11-1956  Mother 
 George A. Dutton 3-25-1878  8-3-57  Father
Boyd Cemetery (Wise County)  Charlie E. Dutton 6-2-1884 5-31-1951 or 1953
Ioland E. Dutton 3-7-1913  6-15-1944
J.W. Dutton 12-9-1852  7-16-1939
Mrs. Lesta  Dutton  5-17-1894  12-18-1942
Loland E. Dutton 3-17-1913  6-15-1944  2nd Lt. Inf. 90 Div WW2

I think I sent this Boyd Cemetery stuff before.  One Dutton listed in
current phone book, small community near Bowie - but I can't find where I
scribbled it down.  Clerk at the convenience store said there were 2 well
known (elderly) Dutton brothers in the area.
All for now.

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