Back from Short trip

From: <>
Subject: Back from Short trip
Date: 1998-08-22 09:49:07
Hi cousins:

Thought I had better check back in from my short trip which resulted in
absolutely no new information. Sometimes I fell like I am the only confused
person in this ZDutton list. I have tried to e-mail Nona since we both come
>from Zachariah thru Jarrod's daughter Mary (who was my g-grandmother), but I
don't know if I am getting through. 

James, don't feel bad being from North Carolina. I descend from Alabama and
Mississippi, but living in Texas I sometimes feel an outsider. Sometimes I
feel I don't know who on earth they are talking about. I thought Gerrard was
Zachariah's father, but now I'm not sure. Can someone set me straight or
enlighten me with some brains( like the straw man)?????? ??? please.

Cousin Margaret
(The Texas Connection)

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