Thomas Dutton

From: Sue Dutton Rodgers <>
Subject: Thomas Dutton
Date: 1998-08-21 18:52:49
Hi everybody.  I have spent the day trying to piece together all my
notes and stuff on the Alabama Duttons.  And I have a theory on

Sonya, we've been hunting for your Thomas Dutton, b. 5 May 1830.  And
everybody has pretty well settled on him being the grandson of the
Samuel Dutton who was in Lawrence Co. AL by 1820 and who died 1823.  But
let me venture something here.

Samuel Sneed Dutton who stayed in Anson County N.C. had a son, Alexander
F., who came to Alabama, died in Cullman County.  Samuel S. also had a
son, Thomas, b. abt 1829, about whom we know nothing (?) correct me
someone if you have further info on this Thomas.  Could your Thomas,
Sonya, actually be the son of Samuel Sneed Dutton, rather than how we
are thinking this goes together???

Your Thomas was married in Itawamba Co. MS, and I've found no
descendants of Samuel from Kentucky and in Lawrence in 1820 who migrated
that direction.  On the other hand, that county in MS just keeps
cropping up in Zachariah's descendants lines.  For instance, all of
Nona's Browns are buried in Itawamba Co. (she descends from Jarrod
Dutton, s/o Zachariah thru Jarrod's daughter Mary who m. John Brown. 
John and Mary evidently went to Itawamba Co. MS.  I should have made
notes to myself, but I've seen several references to this county in
Miss. with regard to Zachariah's descendants.  Help me out folks, does
this sound feasible???

James and Judy, this Thomas is a son of Samuel Sneed's, if you have
information that would rule out this line of thought, please let me know
so I won't waste any unnecessary brain cells on it!!  (Lord knows I
can't be wastin' any!!)

Sonya, please let me know what you think of this?!  Susie

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