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Subject: Re: Thomas Dutton and William C. Dutton/ Judy/
Date: 1998-08-22 10:46:34
First things first:  Thomas Dutton has been quite elusive.  Here is what I
have on him.
In or around May 16 1882 in Anson Co. (after Betsey Dutton died) her property
that she owned was probated.  According to this probate record he is not
living at this time and he has no family.  It only mentions Edmund, William,
Zachariah Jr., Alexander, Sarah and her husband William Patrick,Rosanna, John,
Henry Beverly and his wife Susan (she was George W. Dutton's daughter) Thomas
Brooks and wife Mary(also a daughter of George) in contention with the Fort
family which includes
Mary A. ( S.S. Duttons' daughter) her children Samuel, George, Gaston, Oliver,
and Robert.  It also mentions a William White, Lilly White, Mary White, and
Josiah White who were Theodore and Lucy White"s Children.  
It could have been that Thomas had left earlier and gone to Alabama but I
don"t believe he was alive or had any children at the time of this Probate.
I am the J.L. Dutton who supplied the information to the Threadgill Book.
Also here is some information of William C. (Cavasso) Dutton.  I'm not even
sure about the spelling of his middle name or where he got it.

William C. Dutton b. June 01, 1852 d. April 28, 1917 Married to Martha Jane
Maner b.June 19 1852 d. January 24, 1941.
Children: Mary Blanche, James Gaston, Charles Marshall, Hattie Cornelia, Alice
Martin, Henry Guilford,(my Grandfather), Mimmie Mills, Clay Battle, and Jane.
All these children lived to be in their eightys with the exception of
James(died with a brain tumor) and Nellie who lived to the age of 94.
Judy, if you need any more information let me know.

Getting back to Thomas Dutton, I don't believe he is My Thomas as to there is
no mention of him or his family in the probate records.  I'll keep digging.

Cousin James

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