St. Clair

From: billmims <>
Subject: St. Clair
Date: 1998-08-23 05:05:41
Since there have been a few questions about my Thomas Dutton lately, I
scoured my notes last night.  i found a couple of bits of info on his
children.  Percy was Percy St. Clair Dutton b. March 11, 1872 (should
have been born in MS, as the Duttons went to TX in 1873) died February
5, 1954.   Is there anything signigicant in his middle name being ST.
CLAIR,  this keeps nagging at me.  If not then it must come from the
Bates line.
 Claudie (Clawdy on yesterday's post) was Claudie B. Dutton born January
12, 1871 died July 5, 1894.

Also buried in the Live oak Cemetery in Brady TX is David H. Dutton born
February 24, 1908 died Jan 22, 1969.  I am assuming from the placement
of grave that he is the child of Percy.
Also buried in McCulloch Co., TX is Annie M. Dutton born January 27,
1880 Died January 18, 1973.   I believe that this is the wife of Will
Will Dutton , the youngest child of Thomas and MC Bates Dutton named one
of his sons, George, who in turn named one of his sons, Tony.

By the way , Artie, I have another Thomas Dutton dangling out there
also.  he is buried in Mt. Gilead Cemettery in Itawamba Co., mS --the
marker has no dates, just a name.

Thanks for any help.  Sonya

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