A reminder!!

From: Sue Dutton Rodgers <oldolls@ipa.net>
Subject: A reminder!!
Date: 1998-08-26 19:19:27
If I ever needed more confirmation that my line does not descend from
the Pennsylvania nor the New England Duttons, I got it today.  While in
the midst of my discussing the Tarheels, the Jayhawks, and my previous
"love life" :~)  , I was receiving the following from the "other" Dutton
List:  a discussion on how the England Duttons descend from William the
Conqueror, and the Latin translation on the Dutton Coat of Arms. 
Sigh......oh well, if my 4ggrandfather, John Dutton, had not acted up so
often and been "censured" by the little Baptist church in Scott County,
Va. I might never have found him!!!  Seems they kept more copious
minutes on those who "fell away" than on those who didn't!!!  Susie
I'll shut up for awhile.  Susie

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