Re: Thomas Dutton(s)Re: Jeremiah Dutton

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Subject: Re: Thomas Dutton(s)Re: Jeremiah Dutton
Date: 1998-08-25 11:47:26
In checking around in some of my books and things I ran across this  bit of
information of Jeremiah Dutton.  I found him to be (or at least a Jeremiah
Dutton) to be descended from the Dutton's of Penn.It may or may not be the one
you are looking for but it probably will be worth tracing down.  I am going to
give you a breif run-down on this family and if you thikn it is worth anything
I can give you more information.

John Dutton(From Overton, England, His wife Ellen??
John Dutton Jr, his wife Mary Darlington(both from Overton England)
John Dutton III, HIs wife Elizbeth Kingsman
Kingsman Dutton, his wife Ann Routh
Francis Dutton, his wife Hannah Talbot
Jeremiah Dutton

This family from Francis Dutton moved from Penn.(Aston township) to
Shepherdstown, Belmont Co. Ohio.  Its easy to see that the children could hav
moved anywhere from this area.  I don't know if this will help you or not, but
if You need more detailed information I can help you with this. 


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