Re: Samuel Sneed Dutton

From: <>
Subject: Re: Samuel Sneed Dutton
Date: 1998-08-27 09:48:52
To Judy:  

Let me share with you about my people.
William C. Dutton ran for sherriff but didn't win.
My Grandfather Henry G. Dutton wa a Constable and worked on the police force
in a little town called Peachland.
My father was a policeman for 21 years.My uncle Eugene was a Highway Patrolman
for 33 yrs.  My uncle Jack worked on various police dept in Union Co(border
Anson).My Uncle Cliff worked  with the Union Co. Sherriff dept for 25 years
and then went to the N.C. dept of corrections. My brother who was a meat
cutter for 25 years quit that and went to the Dept of corrections. Everyone
assumed that I would follow in the footsteps of my ancestors and relatives but
nooo-- I had more sense than that.  I didn't have what it takes to follow that
line of work.


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