Re: Tarheel

From: Sue Dutton Rodgers <>
Subject: Re: Tarheel
Date: 1998-08-26 17:55:08
Margaret:  Where do you live???  By all means let me know the next time you come
this way.  And you are absolutely right about it being a joy to live here.  My
husband and I were able to take early retirement (I guess you'd call it that?!)
when he got his disability from the military.  We also had been coming to Eureka
whenever we could.  And the last time we headed back to Kansas :~( we found
ourselves dreading it so much we decided right then and there that we were going
to move here.

I say retirement, we keep very busy, not socially or anything, we're pretty
reclusive and like it that way, but I restore, redress, refurbish antique and
vintage dolls.  (Dolls are my other "addiction" besides genealogy) and he plays
with computers all day (he builds them, etc.)  He built mine for me about a year
ago, and I had to learn (!) alot, from turning it on, on up!!!  And now I'm
hooked!!  I have some of my dolls in a booth at one of the antique malls here,
and restore for other people.  Actually all that does is support my addiction!!

Hope you don't mind, I will send this to the list.  I personally would love to
hear more about our cuzzins on the list, this might get the ball rolling!!

James:  I also am a Cowboys fan!!  I have to admit how that happened.  I used to
date Barry Switzer (back when we were both a little younger and both divorced, at
least I think he was....he's such a b-a-a-a-d boy.)  I decided he wasn't my type
:~) but he's one heck-v-a football coach.  Barry was actually coaching at
Oklahoma when I knew him.

Okay, now that I've fessed up, let's hear from the rest of you guys.

James are you getting any of the bad weather???  Susie wrote:

> Cousin: I can't believe you live in Eureka Springs. I have been there so many
> times. I love where you live. My husband is a basketball fan so much that we
> can not breathe during a game. I will certainly give you a call the next time
> we are your way. What a small world. We love Branson Missouri too. The last
> trip I took my mother on was to see the Christ Statue at Eureka Springs. It
> was her very last trip before she passed away. She enjoyed it so much. She
> actually wanted to dance in the streets that night as they had a live band
> playing. I bought a quilt from one of the shops. I love all the shops.
> I know you were writing James this note, but I could not resist as I fell in
> love with Eureka Springs years ago. I imagine its a great place to live.
> Margaret Ann


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