Re: Samuel Sneed Dutton

Subject: Re: Samuel Sneed Dutton
Date: 1998-08-27 15:34:15
Interesting.  The only law enforcement people in my
Sam B. Dutton (from James Dutton line) was my Grandpa
Sam, and he didn't have much experience.  He was a deputy
sheriff for a few years (some say only an asst. deputy) in
Green County Oklahoma about 1915-25 or so).  In later
generations, there are a few lawyers, including my oldest
daughter, but we don't seem to be much inclined to that
line of work
	Say, James, I was glad to hear from you in NC after seeing
this morning's paper about Bonnie.  Are you staying in out of
the rain and "computering" or have the big rains hit your area?
Bet they have.        Good to hear that you are fine.      Eula

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