Lost e-mail message

From: ECol91234@aol.com
Subject: Lost e-mail message
Date: 1998-08-28 22:04:44
I think I accidentally deleted a ZDUTTON e-mail message. 
It would be the next one after the 8/27/98 message from
James telling us that he is dry and safe in NC, titled Re:
Samuel Sneed Dutton.  My grandson was here using the net
on my computer in August and he generated a lot of junk
mail that I am not interested in.  I was deleting a couple 
of those items and think I zapped one I wanted.  Anyone
who has a ZDutton message after the one above, I would
appreciate it being forwarded to me.  It might be the big
missing connection that I have looked for for years  (grin).
Thanks,  Eula

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