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Date: 1998-08-26 20:31:55
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<<  Actually he had to wait for his bride to be to  go grow up a little(she
was only 14 when they first met).  He met here on his way to Charlston S.C.
and they wrote back and forth while he  lived in S.C.  By the way legend has
it that he was on the police force in Charlston for a time.( I can"t prove
Dear James

I never knew that she was 14 when they met.  How neat to know the rest of the
story.  I had heard the legend about their meeting and him going on to
Charleston, but I was told that he established a business down there.

However, the Duttons here do like police work.  That is why I always thought
they were Irish...grin (talk about stereotyping).  Uncle Ernest Dutton
(grandma's brother) was a policeman here in Darlington most of his life (after
he got out of the service after WWII).  Several cousins of his were either
involved in that or were security guards after they became older.

Thanks for the info.  If you have anything else on him, let me know.  I find
the more I hear about him, the more fascinating he becomes.  

Note:   My grandfather, Marion L. Broach, married my grandmother when she was
15 amid much protest.  But he said he was not stupid, he better get her before
someone else did.  Twenty years after her death (she was only 53 when she
died), we were sitting alone in his living room having a nice chat and he told
me, "I love her as much today as I did the day I married her."   Something
about those Threadgill gals....hummmmmm


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