John Dutton & Lula Stinson

Subject: John Dutton & Lula Stinson
Date: 1998-09-01 02:08:40
Just ran across a little note I had written on the
family of John Dutton & Lula Stinson whom I 
wrote about the other night.  It says that John
owned 600 acres at Prospect, Walker Co., AL, that
he sold out around 1921-21 and moved to 
Arkansas.  Then he came back to AL.  The children
were orphaned in 1931, so he couldn't have been
in Arkansas very many years.  Also I saw noted
on a card that I had written a few years ago, that
Alice Freeman of Jasper said that she thought one
of the Jessie Duttons in the Jasper phone book
was the brother to Archie and Owen Dutton, so that
would place three brothers of those names  in 
Walker Co., AL.  Archie  was still alive in 1995,
but this Jessie died in the 1960's so he couldn't have
been in the 1995 phone book, and Owen was said to
have died around 1940-1941.  So unless the names
were repeated in the family, that may just be a
coincidence.       Just muddied the water with this
except that he was in AR.  May have missed the 1920
census, however, and was probably back in AL by 1930.
Oh well..........just too many of us Duttons I guess, for
easy tracing.   I'm getting more and more trivial.  Must
go to's this early morning air            Eula

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