Re: Z Dutton/Jeremiah Dutton

Subject: Re: Z Dutton/Jeremiah Dutton
Date: 1998-08-31 14:11:27
Here is something I pulled off the internet.  


Here is his msg.  I have a family album that notes a Zachariah(maybe the
senior?) as related to John Dutton. b.1775, Greenville Co. S.C., but I don"t
have any other facts.  John"s father was Jeremiah, b. 1745, Orange Co.
Virginia;.  It seems logical that names like Zachariah and Jeremiah might be
related.  Certainly these ;lnames are rare in the Dutton family trees I have

Does any of this make sense.  I know of no connection of a Jeremaih Dutton
being associciated with Z.Dutton.  Can somebody straighten me out on this.


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